Vocab Of The Day 17 November 2015

By | November 21, 2015

1. SULLY (VERB): soil, stain
Synonyms: debase, defile
Antonyms: esteem, laud
Example Sentence: The accusation of child abuse is sure to sully the teacher’s reputation and cause him his job.

2. SWADDLE (VERB): swathe
Synonyms: clothe, cover Antonyms: uncover, unwrap
Example Sentence: The one thing she would not buy was a sewing machine to make her own swaddle with, as Ilse economically counselled.

3. SUPPLE (ADJECTIVE): bendable
Synonyms: agile, flexible
Antonyms: brittle, rigid
Example Sentence: It is important to stretch before exercise to keep a supple form.

4. FEISTY (ADJECTIVE): spirited; touchy
Synonyms: bubbly, fiery
Antonyms: dull, timid
Example Sentence: I don’t want to lose this feisty little jewel.

5. NEUTER (VERB): mutilate
Synonyms: spay, sterilize
Antonyms: keep, remain
Example Sentence: It’s just an attempt to neuter any Tea Party support for conservative candidates who happen to have an R by their names.

6. NAUSEOUS (ADJECTIVE): disgusting
Synonyms: abhorrent, brackish
Antonyms: nice, soothing
Example Sentence: I can truly say this installation will leave visitors stoked or nauseous or both.

7. SEAR (VERB): dry, burn
Synonyms: scorch, sizzle
Antonyms: bloom, grow
Example Sentence: Will she not yield to evil, and sear her conscience with the repetition of her wickedness?

8. OSTRACIZE (VERB): exile, banish
Synonyms: blacklist, exclude
Antonyms: accept, admit
Example Sentence: They are uncompromising in such matters and ostracize any one of their members who marries an outsider.

Synonyms: biting, caustic
Antonyms: mild, calm
Example Sentence: His characters are often loquacious and satirical, capable of raunchy humor.

Synonyms: comprehensive, universal
Antonyms: uncommon, narrow
Example Sentence: It is hard to celebrate the past in an ecumenical way, or even in a fair-minded one, apparently.

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