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Refer and Earn Rs 151 Per Referral – Google Pay Tez App

There are lot of search engine websites in the market but Google is always my favorite to use, even everyone’s favorite. Same like, there are many ways for payment to make but now Google is also in this field with his latest mobile app known as “Google Pay App”. If we compare the difference from… Read More »

Who is Forbes 2018 Most Powerful Women

The 2018 World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list celebrates the icons, innovators and instigators who are using their voice to change power structures and create a lasting impact.  This year, the 15th annual list welcomes 20 newcomers. The German chancellor Angela Merkel was ranked the most powerful woman. She is followed by the British Prime… Read More »

Daily General Awareness for upcoming Exams 2018 – 10 Dec

➡ Daily dosage of general awareness section for upcoming exams 8 December 2018 1. डायमंडल रिंग की घटना कब होती है? (अ) प्रत्येक पूर्णिमा के दिन (ब) प्रत्येक अमावस्या के दिन (स) सूर्यग्रहण के दिन (द) चंद्रग्रहण के दिन 2. सिजिगी क्या है? (अ) सूर्य, पृथ्वी तथा चंद्रमा की एक ही सीधी रेखा में स्थिति… Read More »

Learn some New Synonyms and Antonyms – 10 Dec

Reprove (verb) 1 to criticize (someone) so as to correct a fault My piano teacher often reproves me for slouching while playing, observing that good posture helps one play better. Synonyms of- reprove admonish, chide, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, tick off Near Antonyms of- reprove approve, endorse (also indorse), OK (or okay), sanction applaud, extol (also… Read More »

Human Rights Day 2018

➡ Human Right DAY Human Rights Day is commemorated every year all over the world on 10th of December. It was first announced to be celebrated every year by the United Nations General Assembly on 10th of December in the year 1948. It is celebrated at this particular date annually to honor the United Nations General Assembly… Read More »

Important Words from Article THE HINDU– 10 December

➡ Challenging Words from the Article 10-12-2018 1. Word of the day: Sanguine (विश्वासपूर्ण) Pronunciation: sang-gwin/सैंगविन Part of Speech: Adjective Meaning: a. optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. Synonyms: hopeful, confident Antonyms: pessimistic, unhappy Use in Sentence: The man tends to take a sanguine view of the problems involved. 2. Word: Wary ( एहतियाती) Pronunciation: wair-ee/वेरी Part of Speech: Adjective Meaning: feeling or… Read More »

Important One Liners Current Affairs – 10 December 2018

Daily 21 #OnerLiners : 10 Dec 2018 ================= – ⭐️ Malala Yousafzai Won 2018 Gleitsman Award By Harvard University – Sunil Bharti Mittal Has Received ESCP Europe’s Highest Honour ‘ Doctor Honoris Causa ‘ – ⭐️ Axis Bank Inducted Amitabh Chaudhry As Additional Director On Its Board – India Inks Pact With Iran To Pay… Read More »

Daily National and International News – 10 December 2018

Dear readers, we are here providing you daily top National and International news, State News, Business News, Sports News and Current Affairs one liner both in English and Hindi for 10 December 2018 (10-12-2018) :: Morning News for the day (Dec 10, 2018 Monday) ➡ Top Headlines ▪ 72% voter turnout recorded in Assam Panchayat… Read More »

Daily History and Important Events of 10 December

➡ 10 short history of December According to the Gregorian calendar, 344th anniversary of the December 10 year (345th day in the leap year) is the day. There are still 21 days left in the year. ➡ Important events of December 10: – 1582 – France started using the Gregorian calendar. 1887 – Balkan Military… Read More »

Important One Liners Current Affairs – 09 December 2018

Daily 21 #OnerLiners : 09 Dec 2018 ================= – ⭐️ Surat To Be World’s Fastest Growing City During 2019-35 : Report – ⭐️ Shubhankar Sharma Becomes Youngest Indian To Win ‘ Asian Tour Order Of Merit ‘ – 51.2 % Of People Around The World Will Be Using The Internet : ITU Report – Military… Read More »

Daily Current Affairs and News/ Headlines (9 December 2018)

☀️ #Good_Morning_News : Daily Top 12 Headlines in Hindi & English : 09 Dec 2018 ==================== 1. Indian IT company HCL Technologies will acquire select IBM software products for USD 1.8 billion (over Rs 12,700 crore). – भारतीय आईटी फर्म एचसीएल टेक्नोलॉजीज आईबीएम के कुछ चुनिंदा सॉफ्टवेयर उत्पादों के कारोबार को 1.8 अरब डॉलर (12,700… Read More »