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All Algebra and Trigonometry Formula at a glance

(α+в+¢)²= α²+в²+¢²+2(αв+в¢+¢α) 1. (α+в)²= α²+2αв+в² 2. (α+в)²= (α-в)²+4αв b 3. (α-в)²= α²-2αв+в² 4. (α-в)²= f(α+в)²-4αв 5. α² + в²= (α+в)² – 2αв. 6. α² + в²= (α-в)² + 2αв. 7. α²-в² =(α + в)(α – в) 8. 2(α² + в²) = (α+ в)² + (α – в)² 9. 4αв = (α + в)² -(α-в)² 10.… Read More »

Attitude Quiz Simplification

Q. 1). यदि(x-1/x) = 2 हो, तो (x²+1/x²) का मान क्या होगा? If (x-1 / x) = 2, then (x² + 1 / x²) What’s the value? a). 6                                         b). 4 c). 8      … Read More »

Different Types of Categories for Series Questions for Exams

(2 ) गुणा एवं भाग पर आधारित श्रेणी : इस प्रकार किस्रेनी में अगली संख्या ज्ञात करने के लिए पिछली संख्या को एक निश्चित संख्या से गुणा अथवा भाग किया जाता है इस प्रकार की श्रेणी में संख्याओं का क्रम तेजी से बढ़ता हुआ अथवा घटता हुआ होता है ! Ex . 3,6,18,72,? (3 ).मिश्रित… Read More »

Coin Concept in Mathematics

Coins Concept Dheyaan se smjho … Smjh mein aa jayega 🙂 but jab isko padhne ke baad sabse pehle aap sabka answer aya karega coins waale questions mein… Ab read karo pura.. Coins waale questions mein 2 concepts hote hai 1) Jab coins ki value ka ratio diya ho. Jab coins ki value ka ratio… Read More »

Probability Formula

Probability Formula:-Probability is the measure of how likely an event is. And an event is one or more outcomes of an experiment. Probability formula is the ratio of number of favorable outcomes to the total number of possible outcomes. Probability of an Event = Number of Favorable Outcomes / Total Number of Possible OutcomesMeasures the… Read More »

Time and Work – Concept, Tips, Formulas & Examples

TIME AND WORK Concept:Work is the quantity of energy transferred from one system to another. Work is defined as the amount of job assigned or the amount of job actually done. Problem on work are based on the application of concept of ratio of time and speed. Work is always considered as a whole or… Read More »

Shortcut Rules for Subtraction- Rule-I

Fast Math and Shortcut Rules for Subtraction- Rule-I:Useful Shortcut rules for Subtraction which was more helpful in the fast math to solve the aptitude questions were given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC and all competitive exams can use this.  Rule-I: Borrowing and Paying Back Method:This method is the quickest method of… Read More »