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Common errors in the use of Gerunds

➡ Gerunds should be used with possessive pronouns (my, your, her), and not object pronouns (me, him etc). Note that this rule is not strictly observed especially in the case of proper nouns. ✗ Incorrect: They were counting on me helping them. ✓ Correct: They were counting on my helping them. ✗ Incorrect: They insisted on… Read More »

Know all about Conditional Sentences

CONDITIONAL SENTENCES ( From Oxford Practice Grammar ) Lets take a look at conditional sentences: There are four types of conditional sentences that each expresses a different degree of probability ▪ Zero conditional ▪ First conditional ▪ Second conditional ▪ Third conditional ➡ All about zero conditional Zero conditional sentences express general truths:situations in which one… Read More »

Father-Dad Idioms

➡ Father-Dad Idioms 1) BIG DADDY Meaning: The head of an organisation; a person who has the authority to dominate or influence others, especially in a workplace. (एक संगठन का प्रमुख; एक व्यक्ति जिस पर दूसरों पर हावी होने या प्रभाव डालने का अधिकार है, खासकर कार्यस्थल में) • He is undoubtedly the big daddy of the business world. • वह निस्संदेह व्यावसायिक दुनिया पर राज… Read More »

How to React/Reply of Someones Compliment

If someone is giving you complement, let learn how to react on his compliments. COMPLIMENTS का जवाब देना सीखें* ज़्यादातर लोग अपनी तारीफ सुनने के बाद Thankyou कहकर सामने वाले का शुक्रिया करते हैं। सीखते हैं compliments receive करने के लिए कुछ ऐसे phrases जो की humble होने के साथ-साथ सुनने में thankyou से better… Read More »

Common English idioms with their meaning

List of Idioms important for exams ▪ A big cheese- an important or a powerful person in a group or family ▪ A bird’s eye view- a view from a very high place which allows you to see a large area ▪ A bone of contention- something that people argue for a long time ▪… Read More »

List of Idioms with examples

List of important IDIOMS you should know and learn ▪ Nip in the bud – If you nip a problem or an unacceptable situation in the bud, you stop it at an early stage, before it develops or becomes worse. ▪ Beat around the bush – This expression is used to tell someone to say what they… Read More »

Blue Based Idioms

Below is the list of Blue based Idioms to learn. ▪ Feeling blue = feeling unhappy ▪ Out of the blue = completely unexpected ▪ To blue pencil something = To censor something ▪ Blue blood = Royal ▪ Blue eyed boy = Favourite ▪ Blue murder = Loud outcry ▪ Blue in the face… Read More »

One Word Substitution – 24 November 2017

#Daily_GrammarPitara ============ ♦️One Word Substitution♦️ 1. Able to use the left hand and right hand equally well – Ambidextrous 2. A man who hates marriage – Misogamist 3. A person who enters without any invitation – Intruder 4. The words with opposite meanings used together – Oxymoron 5. A person leaving his native country to… Read More »