Commonly Confused Words in English – Download in PDF Free

By | August 14, 2019

English is a crazy language for all of us even for Native speakers also. English is full of confusing words. There are lot of words which spell and looks almost same but have different meaning.

These confusing words we are provided in PDF file so that you can easily download it and keep it with you to learn it anytime.

Here we are sharing some of the most confused words in English which you will get it in attached PDF with Examples.

1) Farther and Further.
2) Injured, Wounded and Hurt.
3) Sick and Ill
4) Each and Every
5) Compliment vs Complement
6) to Vs Too
7) Little and A Little
8) Few and A Few
9) Meter and Metre
10) Fewer Vs Less
11) Lie and Lay
12) Accept vs Except
13) Many and Much
14) Last, Latter and Latest
15) Principal and Principle

Click here to Download – PDF of Some Commonly Confused Words in English

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