Word‬ Formation

By | August 9, 2015
Some words based on compounding methods are being explained below.

*Ashtray (Ash+Tray) means a tray for keeping ashes of cigarette, cigar etc.
*Background (Back+Ground) means the ground or area of a scene which is situated at the rear (back); the circumstances or events which help explain about something, the details about a person’s family, education etc.

*Breakfast (break+fast) means breaking of fast (उपवास या व्रत) . Night is generally the longest period when we neither eat or drink. Therefore the first meal of the day is called breakfast since it breaks the fast which naturally occurs during long hours of sleep.
*Doormat (door+mat) पायदान
*Footpath (foot+path)
*Footrest (foot+rest) कुर्सी के नीचे पैर रखने के लिए बनाया हुआ स्थान