Head Quarters of International Organizations

By | November 28, 2015
International Organizations ———— Headquarters  
• UNO (United Nations Org) — New York
• UNICEF –New York
• WHO (World Health Org) –Geneva
• ILO (International Labour Org) –Geneva
• WTO (World Meteorological Org) –Geneva
• World Intellectual Property Org –Geneva
• International Standards Org. –Geneva
• IMF (International Monetary Fund) –Washington DC
• World Bank –Washington DC

• UNESCO –Paris
• OECD –Paris
• UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Dev. Org) –Vienna
• IAEA –Vienna
• OPEC –Vienna
• Amnesty International –London
• Commonwealth of Nations –London
• IMO –London
• ICJ (International Court of Justice) –The Hague
• FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) –Rome
• NATO –Brussels
• Transparency International –Berlin
• SAARC –Kathmandu
• ASEAN –Jakarta
• APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Forum) –Singapore
• Organization of Islamic Cooperation –Jedd

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