SBI Associates Clerk Exam 2014-15

By | February 7, 2015
Some GK/MKT questions asked in 24th Jan Morning Shift :

1. Roger Federer belongs to Tennis.
2. Playing It My Way is the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar.
3. Durand Line between India and Afghanistan
4. Summer Olympic 2016 in Rio (Brazil)
5. Rickets due to Vitamin D
6. Niti Aayog Vice Chairman-Arvind Pangadiya

7. SAARC summit-Kathmandu
8. Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari gave away ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Samman’ awards to 15 members of the Indian diaspora.
9. Highest Urban Population State: Maharashtra
10. Chinese 10,000km-range Dongfeng missile
11. India’s strategic missile, Agni-IV, was successfully test-fired on Tuesday morning from the Wheeler Island, off the Odisha coast. The missile unit of the Strategic Forces Command of the Army flight-tested the missile, which had been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Although the missile’s full range is 4,000 km, it was flight-tested on Tuesday for a range of 3,000 km only.
12.Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency)/NASA(American Space agency)/NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft makes a comeback with the discovery of the first exoplanet found using its new mission — K2.
13. Capital of Argentina:Buenos Aires
14. Pulitzer Prize:United States
15. Currency: Bangladesh (Taka)/Greece(Euro)
16. UNESCO headquarters: Paris (France)
17. International Film Festival of India (Goa):The festival is conducted jointly by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Directorate of Film Festivals and the government of Goa.
Golden Peacock Award: Russian director Andrey Zvyaginstev for drama Leviathan
18. Justice S K Sinha was on Monday appointed chief justice of Bangladesh to become the first Hindu to hold the highest judicial post in the Muslim-majority country. (This is the latest question as Mr Sinha took over on 17th January, 2015)

Computer Questions were damn easy. Most of them were from memory and disk and drives, server,browser, operating system.

Marketing questions were based on selling skills and situation to terminology.