Article on All About Bharat Ratna

By | June 26, 2015
About Bharat Ratna –

This is the highest Civilian Award in India which can be conferred to any person without the distinction of Race, Religion, Occupation or Sex. Only Prime Minister of India can recommend this Award to the President of India. Recipients receive aSanad(certificate) signed by the President and a peepal-leaf–shaped medallion; there is no monetary grant (money) associated with the award.

The recipient/s of Bharat Ratna cannot use the award as a prefix or suffix to their name, although recipient/s may use either the expressions “Awarded Bharat Ratna by the President” or “Recipient of Bharat Ratna Award” to indicate that they have been honored with the award.

The recipient/s of this Award rank 7th in the “Order of Precedence” (Hierarchy of important positions notified by the Government of India).