Vocab of Tha Day….

By | June 23, 2015
1. WAFT (VERB): carry
Synonyms: drift, float Antonyms: hold, keep
Example Sentence:
The chef stood outside, warming himself in the sun, and the aroma of wood smoke wafted from the kitchen.
2. OAF (NOUN): person who is clumsy, stupid
Synonyms: clown, fool Antonyms: genius, brain
Example Sentence:
I know many who view him as a sort of an oaf with no clear intelligence.

3. PACIFISM (NOUN): abstention from violence

Synonyms: nonaggression, passivity Antonyms: arguable, aggressive
Example Sentence:
Look at the likes of Gandhi who achieved so much through pacifism. ­­
4. VACUITY (NOUN): emptiness
Synonyms: nihility, vacuum Antonyms: fullness
Example Sentence:
With his meaningless talk, he reveals only the immense vacuity of his mind.
5. CHASTITY (NOUN): celibacy, purity
Synonyms: abstinence, modesty Antonyms: disgrace, dishonour
Example Sentence:
Female chastity and fidelity, necessary for a stable marriage, require male chastity and fidelity too.
6. TILLAGE (NOUN): farming, crop production
Synonyms: cultivation, horticulture
Example Sentence:
The Parliament this week approved a Rupees 50 million budget to provide tillage inputs for the resettlement of the farmers.
7. PROXIMAL (ADJECTIVE): near, next
Synonyms: direct, recent Antonyms: away, distant
Example Sentence:
Everything is proximal though, so you can’t go wrong choosing a different option.
8. JUDICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): wise, thoughtful
Synonyms: careful, prudent Antonyms: careless, ignorant
Example Sentence:
He should be more judicious in selecting his shots and his batting should now become
more responsible.
9. OCULIST (NOUN): medical doctor specializing in eyes
Synonyms: ophthalmologist, optometrist
Example Sentence:
The team of emergency doctors decided to call an oculist for a patient who suffered eye injury in the accident.
10. STOPGAP (ADJECTIVE): temporarily helping
Synonyms: emergency, expedient Antonyms: completed, permanent
Example Sentence:
Despite all the stopgap measures, the automobile companies were unable to develop the design of the fuel injection system to meet the changing requirements of its users.