Banking And Financial Committee

By | November 28, 2015
1. DR Gadgil Committee 1944- Agricultural Finance
2. Mahalanobis Committee 1964- National Income
3 .DR Gadgil Committee 1968 – Social approach on banking review of institutional condition
4 .FKF Nariman Committee 1969- Branch expansion programme
5 .Hathi Committee 1970- Soiled Bank Notes
6 .Chatalier Committee 1970 -Finance to small scale industry

7 .Khusro Committee 1970 -Small village and cottage industry
8 .Dandekar Committee 1970 -Regional imbalances
9 .Varshney Committee 1975 Revised method for loans of Rs.2 lac or more
10. N Narsimhan Committee 1975- Establishment of RRBs
11 .CE Kamathv Committee 1976- Multi-institutional approach in Agr finance
12 .Dr RK Hajari Committee 1976- Coodn between coop credit institutions
13 .NL Dantwala Committee 1978- Viability of RRBs
14 .James Raj Committee 1978 -Systems and procedures of working in PSBs
15 .Baldev Singh Committee 1978 -Simplification of loan procedures and documentation relating to agricultural and allied activities
16 .K Madhav Das Committee 1978- Urban Coop Banks
17 .G Luxminarayan Committee 1978 -Consortium Finance – Public/private sector
18 .R K Talwar Committee 1979 -Customer service
19 .K S Krishaswami Committee 1980 -Role of banks in priority sector advances and 20 point programmes
20 .Shivaraman Committee -1981 To immplement the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and NABARD was established
21 .Puri Committee 1982 -Uniformity of loan application
22 .S Chakravarty Committee 1982 -Review of monetary system in banking industry
23 .A Ghosh Committee 1982 -Priority sector and 20 point programme
24 .UK Sharma Committee 1982 -Review of lead bank scheme
25 .Tiwari Committee 1983 -Indl sickness and rehabilitation of sick units
26 .Pandharkar Committee 1983 -Periodical inspection by RBI
27 .Chakravarty Committee 1985- Review the working of the monetary system.
28. Marathe Committee 1985- Credit Authorisation scheme – fast track
29. Khusro Committee 1986 -Agricultural Credit
30. Vaghul Committee 1986 -Money market
31. G S Patel Committee 1986- Organisation & management of stock exchange
32 .SM Kelkar Committee 1986- RRB and its relative Acts
33. Abid Hussain Committee 1987- Profit making public units should offer a part of their share capital to the public as part of long term strategy to establish the stock exchange.
34 .Vagul committee 1987 -Money Market.
35 .Abid Hussain Committee 1987 -Development of capital market
36 .PD Ojha Committee 1988 Service Area Approach
37 .SC Kalyansundaram Committee 1989 Introduction of factoring services
38. Goiporia Committee 1990 -Customer Service in banks.
39. A Ghosh Committee 1991- Bank frauds & malpractices.
40. Narasimham Committee – I 1991- Examine all aspects relating to the structure, organization & functioning of the financial system.
41 .M N Goiporia Committee 1991 -Customer service improvement
42 .SA Dave Committee 1991- Functioning of Mutual funds
43 .A C Shah Committee 1992 -On deposit insurance for non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). It has recommended that General Insurance Corporation (GIC) and Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) provide the risk cover.
44 .C Rao Committee 1992 -Agriculture policy
45 .AC Shah Committee 1992 -NBFCs
46. Nadkarni SS Committee 1992 -Trading in public sector bonds
47 .Raja Chelliah Committee 1992- Tax reforms
48. Ghosh Committee 1992 -Frauds & malapractices in banks
49. J.V. Shetty Committee 1993 -Review the system of lending under consortium arrangements & to suggest improvements therein.
50. Sundaram Committee 1993- Structure of export credit.
51. Goswami Committee 1993- Industrial sickness & corporate restructuring.
52 .Janakiraman Committee 1993 -Securities transactions of banks & financial institutions.
53 .J V Shetty Committee 1993- Consortium lending by banks
54 .PR Nayak Committee 1993- Institutional credit to SS SSIs
55. Goswami Committee 1993 -Indl sickness and exit policy
56. Jilani R Committee 1993- Credit delivery system
57. D R Mehta Committee 1993- Review of progress of IRDP
58 .Khanna Committee 1994 -Monitoring the work of NBFCS. Non-Banking Financial Corporations
59. W.S. Saraf Committee 1994 -Technology Issues relating to Payments System, Cheque Clearing and Securities Settlement in the Banking Industry
60 .Malhotra Committee 1994 -Insurance Sector reforms and establishment of IRDA
61 .Sodhani Committee 1995 -NRI investments in India
62 .Padmanabhan Committee 1995- Banking supervision
63 .Shere K S Committee 1995- Electronic funds transfer- legal issues
64 .BD Shah Committee 1996 -Stock lending Scheme and short-selling
65 .A.V. Gupta Committee 1997- Agricultural loans
66 .S.S Tarapore Committee 1997- This committee was set up by the Reserve Bank of India under the Chairmanship of former RBI deputy governor S.S Tarapore to “lay the roadmap” to capital account convertibility.
67. B D Shah Committee 1997- Stock lending scheme
68 .Tarapore Committee 1997 -Capital account convertibility
69 .Narasimham Committee II 1998- Banking Sector Reforms: The reforms consisted of
i. A shift of banking sector supervision from intrusive micro-level intervention over credit decisions toward prudential regulations and supervision.
ii. A reduction of the CRR and SLR.
iii. Interest rate and entry deregulation; and
iv. application of prudential norms.

70. Dave Committee 1998 -Mutual Funds
71. M Narsimham Committee 1998- Financial Sector reforms
72. S L Kapoor Committee 1998- Institutional credit to SSIs
73 .R H Khan Committee 1998- Harmonisation of role of FIs & Banks
74 .Y V Reddy Committee 1998- Financial aggregates system
75 .L C Gupta Committee 1998- Financial derivatives
76 .Verma Committee 1999- Revival of weak public sector banks.
77 .B Eradi Committee 1999- Insolvency and bankruptcy law
78 .SN Verma Committee 1999- Restructuring of Commercial Banks
79 . M S Verma Committee 1999- Measures for Weak Banks
80 .YV Reddy Committee 2001- Income Tax Review
81 .Kelkar Committee 2002- Indirect tax reforms
82 .J.J. Irani Committee 2005- Company Law reforms and investor protection
83 .Rangarajan Committee 2008 -Financial Inclusion
84. Vijal Kelkar Committee 2012 -Fiscal Reforms and fiscal consolidation
85 .Jilani Committee –Loan Systems/Relating to Internal Control and Inspection/Audit System in Banks
86. Usha Thorat Committee –Financial Inclusion
87 .M Damodaran Committee– Banking Customer Service
88 .J Reddy Committee– Reforms in Insurance Sector
89 .R J Kamath Committee–Education Loan Scheme
90 .Karve Committee– Small Scale Industry/Sectors
91 .Khanna Committee– Non-Performing Assets
92 .Rajamannar Committee–Changes in Banking Laws regarding cheque bounce
93 .K R Chandratre Committee Delisting of Shares
94 .C.B. Bhave Committee –Disclosure Standards
95 .L. C. Gupta Committee– Regulation of derivatives trading
96 .R.6081 Chandrasekaran Committee– Recommend speedy transfers of shares..

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