Facts About Computer

By | August 5, 2015
Facts About Computer
Computer Facts 1: Konrad Zuse
Konrad Zuse is the inventor of the first computer in the world. He did it in 1936 and named the computer as Z1. In 1939, he created Z2 as the first electro mechanical computer in the world.

Computer Facts 2: Internet
There are many things that you can get from internet. You can buy clothes, sell furniture, chat with your friend, make a journal, publish an article or even gain some cash from the AdSense. In this present days, there are 1,319,872,109 people using internet

Computer Facts 3: World Wide Web
It is so easy for the World Wide Web to reach 50 million users only 4 years. A TV could reach such number in 13 years, while radio was 38 years.

Computer Facts 4: Amazon
I know that you are familiar with Amazon. From the beginning this company is a printed book seller. Now with the development of World Wide Web, it sells more eBooks than printed books.

Computer Facts 5: Waste Of Computer
Computer can bring bad impact to the environment. Each year there are new computer products sold by Apple, Lenovo, Sony or Acer. Thus, the waste computers and other technological hardware are up to 220 million tons in US. Another technology that people should use is seen on solar energy facts.

Computer Facts 6: Video Games
When you have much leisure time, playing video games is great to do. Do you know that the Asteroids and Lunar Lander made in 1980 were the first two video games in US?
Computer Facts 7: Domain Names
The World Wide Web has influenced people to become more active accessing the internet. More than one million of domain names are registered each month. Since 1995, the registration of domain is free.

Computer Facts 8: Mosaic
In 1993, Mosaic was released and it became the first popular web browser in the world. Look at electricity facts if you are amazed with technology.

Computer Facts 9: Gigabyte Disk Drive
It was in 1980, the first one gigabyte disk drive was released in the world. The price tag of the piece was $40,000 with the weight of 550 pounds.

Computer Facts 10: Adobe Photoshop ADBE -2.20%
Adobe Photoshop ADBE -2.20% is the original name. In the past it is called as Display. Then it was changed to ImagePro. The license of this Adobe Photoshop ADBE -2.20% registered by Thomas Knoll in 1988. You are wrong if you think that it was developed by Adobe.