How to make Active and Passive Tenses

By | August 12, 2015

<=> The active object becomes the passive subject.
=> am/is/are + past participle
=> was/were + past participle

#‎Active‬: Simple Present
The movie fascinates me.
The movie bores Jack.
The movie surprises them.

‪#‎Passive‬: Simple Present
I am fascinated by the movie.
Jack is bored by the movie.
They are surprised by the movie.

#Active: Simple Past
The movie bored me.
The movie fascinated Jack.
The movie surprised them.

#Passive: Simple Past
I was bored by the movie.
Jack was fascinated by the movie.
They were surprised by the movie.

Passive form:
=> am/is/are + being + past participle
=> was/were + being + past participle

#Active: Present Continuous
I am helping Shannon.
June is helping Su and Ling.

#Passive: Present Continuous
Shannon is being helped by me.
Su and Lingare being helped by June.

#Active: Past Continuous
I was cleaning the bathroom.
They were cleaning the bedroom.
Susan was cleaning the kitchen and patio.

#Passive: Past Continuous
The bathroom was being cleaned by me.
The bedroom was being cleaned by them.
The kitchen and patio were being cleaned by Susan.

Passive form:
=> have/has been + past participle
=> had been + past participle

#Active: Present Perfect
I have mailed the gift.
Jack has mailed the gifts.

#Passive: Present Perfect
The gift has been mailed by me.
The gifts have been mailed by Jack.

#Active: Past Perfect
Steven Spielberg had directed the movie.
Penny Marshall had directed those movies.

#Passive: Past Perfect
The movie had been directed by Steven Spielberg.
The movies had been directed by Penny Marshall.

#Active: Future Perfect
John will have finished the project next month.
They will have finished the projects before then.

#Passive: Future Perfect
The project will have been finished by next month.
The projects will have been finished before then.

Passive forms:
=> will + be + past participle
=> is/are going to be + past participle

#Active: Future with WILL
I will mail the gift.
Jack will mail the gifts.

# Passive: Future with WILL
The gift will be mailed by me.
The gifts will be mailed by Jack.

#Active: Future with GOING TO
I am going to make the cake.
Sue is going to make two cakes.

#Passive: Future with GOING TO 
The cake is going to be made by me.
Two cakes are going to be made by Sue.