Subject Verb Agreement

By | June 12, 2016
Subject Verb Agreement=>
Suppositional Sentence—-As if, as though, if only,suppose, I wish, We wish…..use Plural verb ‘were’
इसमें कोरी कल्पना या असम्भव शर्त का बोध होता है
If he were my boss, he would suspend me.

Optatative Sentence में Singular Subject के साथ भी plural verb का प्रयोग होता है।
In Optative Sentence, Plural Verb is used with singular subject.
For Example=>
Long live our friendship!
God save the king!

A number of/ A large number of/ A great number of/ Large numbers of (Indifinitive numbers) + Plural Noun +Plural Verb.
For Example:-
A number of students were present.
The number of (definite number) + Plural Noun + Singular Verb.
E.g. The number of boys is forty.
The amount of/ A large amount of/ A great deal of/ A good deal of (Indefinite quantity) + Singular Uncountable Noun + Singular Verb.
E.g. The amount of money is not sufficient.

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