Vocab of The Day 27 August 2015

By | August 27, 2015
1. DESCRY (VERB): discover
Synonyms: detect, observe
Antonyms: ignore, overlook
Example Sentence: Tristram thought this odd, for it was impossible at that distance to descry the features of the riders.

2. SCOTCH (VERB): to prevent
Synonyms: stop, disable Antonyms: encourage
Example Sentence: Molly held out her hand and passed muster allowing this new person to scotch down and pat him.
3. STRUT (VERB): walk pompously
Synonyms: prance, stalk Antonyms: conceal, hide
Example Sentence: The kids hold what they call a “ramp walk,” a mock fashion show where we all dress up and strut on a makeshift stage.
4. USURY (NOUN): lending money at a high interest rate
Synonyms: exploitation, stealing
Example Sentence: Biblical and Islamic bans on “usury” (lending money at interest) strike most modern people as pretty silly.
5. FILIBUSTER (NOUN): obstruction of progress, especially in verbal argument
Synonyms: hindrance, delay Antonyms: expedition, impetus
Example Sentence: I was so proud of him, to see him in that 21-hour filibuster, that gave me great hope.
6. STAUNCH (ADJECTIVE): resolute, dependable
Synonyms: ardent, reliable Antonyms: disloyal, untrustworthy
Example Sentence: He returns repeatedly, for instance, to the debate between religious believers and staunch atheists.
7. TRAVESTY (NOUN): spoof, ridicule
Synonyms: exaggeration, distortion Antonyms: solemnity, seriousness
Example Sentence: The Republican primary race is not chaos, or a clown show, or a travesty of the political process.
8. MUSE (VERB): think about, dream
Synonyms: consider, meditate Antonyms: disbelieve, disregard
Example Sentence: Readers are invited to muse about the parenting style of members of their most-disliked political groups. 
9. SULLY (VERB): soil, stain
Synonyms: corrupt, debase Antonyms: esteem, honor
Example Sentence: I would not sully her reputation with that piece of gossip.
10. SQUALID (ADJECTIVE): poor, run-down
Synonyms: filthy, ramshackle Antonyms: pure, sterile
Example Sentence: One family barricades itself inside a squalid apartment hoping to ride it out.