Vocab Of The Day 17 September 2015

By | September 17, 2015
1. SORCERY (NOUN): black magic, witchcraft
Synonyms: alchemy, charm
Antonyms: reality, truth
Example Sentence:
Saudi citizens, too, have been arraigned, and executed, for sorcery.

2. LYNCH (VERB): kill by hanging
Synonyms: execute, murder Antonyms: bear, create
Example Sentence:
It was a culmination, that election, of two generations of political struggle, and lynch
was the culminator.
3. OVERT (ADJECTIVE): obvious, unconcealed
Synonyms: apparent, definite Antonyms: obscure, unclear
Example Sentence:
The gun guy was gone, but the gun issue wasn’t the overt focus.
4. IMBROGLIO (NOUN): misunderstanding; fight
Synonyms: quandary, spat Antonyms: agreement, ease
Example Sentence:
Sculpture was the only art that resisted this universal disintegration, this imbroglio of the seven arts.
5. UPBEAT (ADJECTIVE): cheerful
Synonyms: cheery, encouraging Antonyms: depressed, doubtful
Example Sentence:
It was an upbeat speech with strong nationalistic overtones.
6. AMORPHOUS (ADJECTIVE): without definite shape, character
Synonyms: nebulous vague Antonyms: definite, distinct
Example Sentence:
But for the fashion world, where trends are amorphous and tastes constantly shifting, the franchise is serious business.
7. LUSTRATION (NOUN): purification
Synonyms: ablution, catharsis Antonyms: dirtying
Example Sentence:
He had been obliged to undergo a lustration of near an hour, before he could be put to bed.
8. DEBAR (VERB): prohibit
Synonyms: deny, exclude Antonyms: except, admit
Example Sentence:
Athletic regulations should not debar a student from playing summer baseball.
9. MACHINATION (NOUN): maneuver, plot
Synonyms: conspiracy, ploy Antonyms: frankness, ignorance
Example Sentence:
It is pleasant to record that all this match-making and machination came to naught.
10. OVERWROUGHT (ADJECTIVE): exhausted and excited
Synonyms: frantic, affected Antonyms: calm, cool
Example Sentence:
Most of the recipes are not overwrought combinations of flavors with 200 ingredients.