Vocab Of The Day 18 September 2015

By | September 18, 2015
1. PREEMINENT (ADJECTIVE): most important; superior
Synonyms: renowned, ultimate
Antonyms: minor, ordinary
Example Sentence:
He thought it would make people mad, and his preference was to be preeminent in news.

2. SARDONIC (ADJECTIVE): sarcastic
Synonyms: caustic, mocking Antonyms: calm, kind
Example Sentence:
Now, with her worldly wisdom and her bitter knowledge of love, she found herself
regarding the situation with sardonic humour.
3. UNALLOYED (ADJECTIVE): authentic, real
Synonyms: absolute, certain Antonyms: dubious, unsure
Example Sentence:
Given how it all played out, this cannot have been an occasion for him of unalloyed joy.
4. CAUCUS (NOUN): group gathered to make decision
Synonyms: meeting, session
Example Sentence:
It is felt in every caucus, in every nominating convention and at every election.
5. CRUMBLE (VERB): break or fall into pieces
Synonyms: collapse, crush Antonyms: build, improve
Example Sentence:
This is not a documentary for the young to watch, or even for those adults who crumble easily.
6. ANNOTATION (NOUN): explanatory note
Synonyms: glossary, comment Antonyms: neglect, blank
Example Sentence:
The annotation of books was not a common practice then, nor has it been since.
7. INCESSANT (ADJECTIVE): never-ending, persistent
Synonyms: ceaseless, constant Antonyms: ending, halting
Example Sentence:
Now she speaks in incessant streams, full of ideas free of punctuation.
8. APPANAGE (NOUN): endowment
Synonyms: privilege, right Antonyms: detriment
Example Sentence:
It was enough for him that an appanage of Royalty had said that someday, perhaps, he would give him his gold cap.
9. SAVANT (NOUN): scholar
Synonyms: intellectual, learner Antonyms: amateur, ignoramus
Example Sentence:
A comparison reveals that the one author is not a cook while the other is not a savant.
10. INGRATIATING (ADJECTIVE): fawning, servile
Synonyms: charming, humble Antonyms: deterring, disgusting
Example Sentence:
He could be petty and mean-spirited to subordinates, ingratiating and sycophantic to bosses and