Vocab Of The Day 19 September 2015

By | September 19, 2015
1. KINDRED (ADJECTIVE): corresponding, matching
Synonyms: cognate, parallel
Antonyms: dissimilar, irrelevant
Example Sentence:
A kindred line of thought produced a very similar misunderstanding of poetry.

2. PANEGYRIZE (VERB): honour
Synonyms: acclaim, admire Antonyms: criticize, debase
Example Sentence:
The show ran for five seasons, earning both popularity and panegyrize in the process.
3. NOCUOUS (ADJECTIVE): dangerous
Synonyms: damaging, deadly Antonyms: favourable, positive
Example Sentence:
New research reveals that proteins in wheat may be nocuous to all humans.
4. INCIPIENT (ADJECTIVE): developing
Synonyms: embryonic, nascent Antonyms: grown, mature
Example Sentence:
It seems inarguable that the donation has something to do with the incipient arrival of the unflattering film.
5. PALISADE (NOUN): fortification
Synonyms: barrier, cliff
Example Sentence:
There is a gateway through this palisade where you can go in.
6. ENFEEBLE (VERB): make very weak
Synonyms: blunt, attenuate Antonyms: invigorate, encourage
Example Sentence:
There is no money in the treasury, and so they enfeeble her instead of strengthening.
7. GUZZLE (VERB): drink down fast
Synonyms: gobble, imbibe Antonyms: abstain, sip
Example Sentence:
If you think you can stay out half the night, and guzzle beer, and then come here to get me up, you can think again.
8. EXTRADITE (VERB): send to another place by force
Synonyms: abandon, arrest Antonyms: hold, keep
Example Sentence:
Do you think we could ever extradite him from such a planet?
9. LEERY (ADJECTIVE): suspicious
Synonyms: dubious, unsure Antonyms: clear, definite
Example Sentence:
Many were leery of sending their children to school before they were sure it was completely safe.
10. MAGNATE (NOUN): important person, usually in business
Synonyms: aristocrat, tycoon Antonyms: unknown, nonentity
Example Sentence:
She is the only daughter of a magnate who is ten times as rich as you.