Vocab Of The Day 28 September 2015

By | September 28, 2015
1. BOMBINATE (VERB): make droning sound
Synonyms: reverberate, hum
Antonyms: speak
Example Sentence:
Sometimes, my computer bombinates very late at night, stops for a bit of rest, then resumes its hum at the early hours of the morning.

2. INSULAR (ADJECTIVE): narrow-minded
Synonyms: isolated, confined Antonyms: unprejudiced, unbiased
Example Sentence:
Even in the era of globalization, it looks like the people of North Korea live an insular
3. CONDONE (VERB): make allowance for
Synonyms: pardon, overlook Antonyms: deny, prevent
Example Sentence:
The police officer condoned the rude behavior of the taxi drivers, he just ignored them.
4. RUSTIC (ADJECTIVE): country, rural
Synonyms: primitive, pastoral Antonyms: cultured, polished
Example Sentence:
Life in the summer camp was too rustic; we missed cold drinks, electricity and comfortable sofa.
5. BRACE (NOUN): support
Synonyms: clamp, splint Antonyms: help
Example Sentence:
Trembling so violently that he had to lean on the balustrade for brace, he told me.
6. CONJURE (VERB): appeal to, implore
Synonyms: importune, ask Antonyms: disgust, give
Example Sentence:
The chef conjured up a fabulous meal with the simple ingredients in our kitchen.
7. DELPHIAN (ADJECTIVE): secret; obscure in meaning
Synonyms: enigmatic, ambiguous Antonyms: certain, known
Example Sentence:
To prove to others that they knew nothing, is what he himself represents to be his mission from the Delphian oracle.
8. RECIPROCATE (VERB): exchange, alternate; equal
Synonyms: respond, interchange Antonyms: disagree, refuse
Example Sentence:
The passenger hit the pick-pocket with a stick. He reciprocated by hitting him in the nose.
Synonyms: unrelated, divergent Antonyms: relevant, appropriate
Example Sentence:
The relationship of India’s politicians to their electorate is largely tangential; they rarely meet their people except right before elections.
10. EXCRESCENCE (NOUN): protuberance
Synonyms: knob, outgrowth Antonyms: decrease, shrinkage
Example Sentence:
There is also a ninth tower, which looks like an excrescence, in the rear.