Vocab of The Day 3 September

By | September 3, 2015
1. AMASS (VERB): gather, accumulate
Synonyms: collect, assemble
Antonyms: disperse, scatter
Example Sentence:
Each official during his tenure of office expected to recover his initial outlay, and amass a small fortune besides.

2. DISCREET (ADJECTIVE): cautious, sensible
Synonyms: attentive, careful Antonyms: careless, heedless
Example Sentence:
I take pride in being honest, sincere, compassionate, funny, discreet and friendly.
Synonyms: disastrous, ruinous Antonyms: advantageous, fortunate
Example Sentence:
It was the cataclysmic collision of spitfire upstart performer, brilliant pop song, and cheeky music video.
Synonyms: primitive, prehistoric Antonyms: modern, new
Example Sentence:
By now a calm had settled over him, a kind of primordial survival instinct, he believes.
5. TEMPER (NOUN): state of mind
Synonyms: attitude, disposition Antonyms: wrath, happiness
Example Sentence:
The only problem is when they let their temper get the better of them and they do something they later regret.
6. TALISMAN (NOUN): lucky charm
Synonyms: fetish, juju Antonyms: unlucky
Example Sentence:
She kept a copy of The Ambassadors as a talisman on her writing desk when she was working for seven years on her novel Trust.
7. NUANCE (NOUN): slight difference; shading
Synonyms: distinction, gradation Antonyms: light, information
Example Sentence:
A first draft is really just a sketch on which I add layer and dimension and shade and nuance and color.
8. NUZZLE (VERB): cuddle
Synonyms: caress, burrow Antonyms: separate
Example Sentence:
They would push and nuzzle a man along a road, and never upset him.
9. ABSOLUTION (NOUN): forgiveness
Synonyms: amnesty, pardon Antonyms: punishment
Example Sentence:
What drew you to South Africa as the setting for absolution?
10. ENSCONCE (VERB): hide; tuck away
Synonyms: situate, stash Antonyms: depart, displace
Example Sentence:
Amazingly, incredibly to him, this grown woman appeared about to ensconce herself.