Vocab Of The Day 12 October 2015

By | October 12, 2015
1. SQUABBLE (NOUN): argument
Synonyms: altercation, difference
Antonyms: accord, similarity
Example Sentence:
But then, eight months after the squabble, the Court punted.

2. ARRAIGNMENT (NOUN): accusation
Synonyms: charge, indictment Antonyms: acquittal
Example Sentence:
The arraignment concluded as usual, with the exception of the judge inquiring about classified material.
3. ENTRAPMENT (NOUN): complication, predicament
Synonyms: liaison, imbroglio Antonyms: calm, clarity
Example Sentence:
He estimated that roughly one third of the men were experiencing extremely complicated symptoms as a result of their entrapment.
4. INDOCTRINATION (NOUN): propagandize
Synonyms: brainwashing, instruction Antonyms: accept, agree
Example Sentence:
Why comics are diversifying—and what their creators say to groups accusing them of ‘ indoctrining ‘ kids.
5. INNUENDO (NOUN): suggestion
Synonyms: allusion, aside Antonyms: evidence, proof
Example Sentence:
And then, with the innuendo of advertising copy, things get a little steamy.
6. GRIT (NOUN): particles of dirt
Synonyms: dust, gravel Antonyms: timidity, weakness
Example Sentence:
Even on a laptop you can almost taste the grit in your mouth and breathe the sharp smell of the explosives.
7. TANTALIZATION (NOUN): lure, attraction
Synonyms: appeal, bait Antonyms: dislike, repulsion
Example Sentence:
Thus far, Walmart has tried to overcome such resistance with advertising, lobbying, the tantalization of jobs, and occasional threats.
8. BLIGHT (NOUN): disease; plague
Synonyms: canker, decay Antonyms: cleanliness, health
Example Sentence:
Increasingly, cities long left to rot are rising from the ashes of blight as they try to become shining examples of new urbanism.
9. GAWKINESS (NOUN): clumsiness; inelegance
Synonyms: ignorance, ineptitude Antonyms: artful, elegance
Example Sentence:
In another year he would doubtless lose all his gawkiness and become quite a gallant.
10. SPURN (VERB): turn away; ignore
Synonyms: despise, disdain Antonyms: accept, admire
Example Sentence:
Spurn the need to raise the debt ceiling for now, and Democrats have all of the near-term leverage.