Vocab Of The Day 20 October 2015

By | October 20, 2015
1. DEPLORABLE (ADJECTIVE):unfortunate, shameful
Synonyms: dreadful, horrifying
Antonyms: acceptable, bearable
Example Sentence:
The state of childcare in this nation goes from inadequate to deplorable, even as compared to the child care centers of the 1940s.

Synonyms: discretional, elective Antonyms: compulsory
Example Sentence:
On the whole, perhaps, the “facultative” Referendum is to be preferred to the obligatory.
Synonyms: banal, flat Antonyms: extraordinary, unique
Example Sentence:
The statement frequently heard that “human nature is human nature” is only a platitudinous half-truth.
Synonyms: perplexed, befuddled Antonyms: clear, transparent
Example Sentence:
But it is one that Levin has parlayed into being the voice of a movement that has confounded those outside of it.
Synonyms: airy, gusty Antonyms: calm, still
Example Sentence:
The miller was a blusterous fellow, who could swear in lusty anger and laugh in
boisterous sport in a single breath.
6. MEPHITIC (NOUN): noxious
Synonyms: smelly, foul Antonyms: aromatic
Example Sentence:
Slimy and damp it was, with a mephitic smell and ugly pools of water settled in the ancient road-bed.
7. ODIUM (NOUN): shame, dishonor
Synonyms: blame, censure Antonyms: affection, approval
Example Sentence:
I would like to say that I have no fear of the odium of the designation of iconoclast.
8. VAINGLORIOUS (VERB): boastful, proud
Synonyms: arrogant, pompous Antonyms: modest, humble
Example Sentence:
It is vulgar and it is vainglorious and therefore entirely typical of Palin’s political style.
9. SNUB (VERB): give someone the cold shoulder
Synonyms: boycott, scorn Antonyms: regard, welcome
Example Sentence:
Is it really a snub when the weakest student of the class is winning the award?
10. EVINCE (VERB): manifest
Synonyms: attest, declare Antonyms: conceal, cover
Example Sentence:
Good reasoning powers will evince themselves in many places, and will have their, reward.