Vocab Of The Day 24 October 2015

By | October 25, 2015

1. MANNA (NOUN): gift

Synonyms: bonanza, boon

Example Sentence:

He gave the little girl some manna to eat and lay down to sleep.
2. FLEX (VERB): bend

Synonyms: mound, vault Antonyms: straighten, bend

Example Sentence:

Companies like Delta, Apple, and Nike flex their political muscle on behalf of gay rights.
3. BENEDICTION (NOUN): closing prayer

Synonyms: invocation, amen Antonyms: condemnation, disfavour

Example Sentence:

Where their benediction fell, their flocks were sure to go—or that was the idea.
4. BUSTLE (NOUN): quick and busy activity

Synonyms: commotion, tumult Antonyms: order, peace

Example Sentence:

There is much purposeful hustle and bustle but tasks go uncompleted; confusion reigns.
5. BRISTLE (NOUN): short, prickly hair

Synonyms: prickle, quill Antonyms: long hair

Example Sentence:

The second feature involves a bristle and inkwell that will also be featured on the front

of the note.
6. WHEEDLE (VERB): talk into

Synonyms: cajole, finagle Antonyms: repel, disgust

Example Sentence:

I know that I have but to wheedle you and you, too, will yield!
7. SERMON (NOUN): instructive speech with a moral

Synonyms: advice, homily Antonyms: deception

Example Sentence:

Why has the government suddenly allowed him to leave his home and attend the Friday sermon ?
8. STEER (VERB): guide, direct on a course

Synonyms: drive, govern Antonyms: abandon, obey

Example Sentence:

They just lack, in other words, a pilot to steer the plane of the right grand policy.
9. ARMOIRE (NOUN): large cabinet

Synonyms: wardrobe, repository

Example Sentence:

It seemed such a small brown spot, in such haste, dipping between the candles on the armoire.
10. TRAVESTY (NOUN): spoof, ridicule

Synonyms: distortion, farce Antonyms: seriousness, solemnity

Example Sentence:

From what I can tell, the reception to this new Ryan travesty is mixed.