Vocab Of The Day 27 October 2015

By | October 27, 2015

1. MARSUPIAL (NOUN): pouched mammal

Synonyms: bandicoot, opossum

Example Sentence:

The marsupial animals bring forth their young before they are fully developed.
2. VILE (ADJECTIVE): offensive, horrible

Synonyms: horrid, nasty Antonyms: friendly, gentle

Example Sentence:

Can anything be done to stop miscreants from using Twitter, Facebook, and other sites for vile purposes?

Synonyms: dignified, motherly Antonyms: disrespected

Example Sentence:

Her features, once soft and matronly, flamed with uncontrollable passions.
4. SUAVE (ADJECTIVE): charming, smooth

Synonyms: courteous, polite Antonyms: rude, uncivil

Example Sentence:

The cool guys finally have their own pad, full of the doodads and gizmos to support the suave bachelor life.
5. CAMBER (VERB): curve

Synonyms: arc, bend Antonyms: compress, condense

Example Sentence:

Generally speaking, the greater the velocity, the less the camber and angle of incidence.

Synonyms: ruthless, abundant Antonyms: gentle, merciful

Example Sentence:

My purposes, my views, my beliefs were the Procrustean bed upon which every act of

hers was measured.
7. ESCULENT (ADJECTIVE): fit to be eaten

Synonyms: consumable, eatable Antonyms: inedible

Example Sentence:

Morels are esculent mushrooms and are delicious, but be warned that there are also false morels, which are poisonous.
8. PHALANX (NOUN): mass, force of people

Synonyms: throng, horde Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence:

A phalanx of lawyers took charge of the case.

Synonyms: brunet, pitch Antonyms: hopeful, clean

Example Sentence:

In the atramentous, it could be hard to tell which side of the train the platform was on.

Synonyms: acute, edged Antonyms: blunt

Example Sentence:

The leaves are alternate, with six pairs of oblong-linear, obtuse, mucronate leaflets.