Vocab Of The Day 3 October 2015

By | October 3, 2015
1. EFFRONTERY (NOUN): nerve, boldness
Synonyms: audacity, arrogance
Antonyms: timidity, meekness
Example Sentence:
When the defendant put his feet up on the table, the judge scolded him for his

2. PRECURSOR (NOUN): something that indicates outcome or event beforehand
Synonyms: harbinger, forerunner Antonyms: result
Example Sentence:
A sore throat is often the precursor of a cold.
3. SURLY (ADJECTIVE): gruff, bearish
Synonyms: boorish, irritable Antonyms: polite, refined
Example Sentence:
Maggie drank a little too much and got surly and made snide comments during the final toast.
4. ACQUIESCE (VERB): agree with some reluctance
Synonyms: comply, conform Antonyms: disagree, differ
Example Sentence:
So many wish to suppress this history, and it’s good to see Coulter refusing to acquiesce.
5. CONDIGN (ADJECTIVE): appropriate, proper
Synonyms: fair, deserved Antonyms: unsuitable, inadequate
Example Sentence:
It is these statutes alone that make possible the very government of the army, the enforcement of the contract of enlistment, and the condign punishment of deserters.
Synonyms: authentic, definite Antonyms: imprudent, fake
Example Sentence:
Teachers showed reasonably veridical perceptions of memory development, especially in the area of memory strategies.
7. CHIMERICAL (ADJECTIVE): unreal; imaginary; visionary
Synonyms: illusory, fantastic Antonyms: real
Example Sentence:
Their new-found popularity turned out to be chimerical.
8. GROVEL (VERB): Lie or crawl abjectly on the ground with one’s face downwards
Synonyms: beseech, fawn Antonyms: ignore, answer
Example Sentence:
They criticized leaders who groveled to foreign patrons.
9. STALWART (ADJECTIVE): loyal, reliable
Synonyms: redoubtable, intrepid Antonyms: afraid, timid
Example Sentence:
In the realm of bigtime sports, he was regarded as a stalwart of integrity and authenticity.
10. MAVERICK (NOUN): An unorthodox or independent-minded person.
Synonyms: nonconformist, bohemian Antonyms: conservative, moderate
Example Sentence:
He had always been a maverick — and he had always paid for it.