Important Banking IBPS PO Interview Questions and Tips

By | November 28, 2015

Important Interview Questions and Tips :

Why is interviewing important?
If you’ve cleared the PO mains, it is assumed that you have got what it takes, technically. Next thing for them to ascertain is, Will you do the job?
Too often, highly qualified candidates do not take initiative, show enthusiasm or creativity when faced with the problems to solve or routine tasks. Usage of examples while answering questions helps your past experience to come alive and demonstrates that you take pride in the work you do and take responsibility to add value to your organization.

Will you fit in?
No matter how technically qualified you are, ‘fitting in’ is even more important. Employers will take a chance on lesser qualified candidate if the candidate demonstrates enthusiasm for learning.
Below mentioned are some key areas on which you should prepare well and beforehand so that you are able to answer convincingly on the D-day and secure more than average scores.

1. Hobbies – Be prepared to be asked questions on your hobbies. A brief background/factual information pertaining to your hobbies might help.
E.g. – If you like reading newspapers- be prepared with headlines of the day, If you like cricket- you can be asked about important events in cricket’s history or current tournaments. If you like reading novels, you can be asked to summarise the last novel you read.

2. Contributions made in previous organizations /college – You should be able to demonstrate here that you are an achiever, team player and can lead if the situation demands so.

3. Banking Awareness – It’s better to revise all concepts before attending interview. You should be able to define common terms like Repo rate, Bank rate, CRR, NPAs, Small payment banks, Financial Inclusion (Schemes for that), BASEL norms etc.

4. General Knowledge – You might be asked questions on your hometown, MLA, MP from there. Finance minister of your state, some prevalent problems these days which make headlines and your viewpoint on that.

5. Why Bank after Engineering? – This is perhaps the pet question that panel asks. And it becomes more difficult especially if you are already employed. There are 2 strategies to answer this question, different for working and non working people:

Working – Make sure you don’t say anything negative about current organization. Don’t complain about work atmosphere, shifts, long working hours, distance from hometown etc. This will surely backfire on you. Rather you can subtly mention about how our economy is growing & banking sector is expanding, better scopes for progression in career with growing professionalismand an opportunity to be in home state at later stages.
Non Working – You can definitely mention about how engineering helps open the doors of opportunities, you can work in private sector as well as public sector. Pay and perks in public sector are equivalent to that of private sector these days. Moreover the analytical build up of your mind with engineering studies can help you perform smart work. Some of the points mentioned above for working candidates can be clubbed as well.

Basic Interview etiquette :
· Greet all panel members, seek permission before sitting. Always carry a pen.
· Wear formals, you can skip ties.
· Wherever you are wrong as pointed by panel – graciously accept it and correct yourself. Do not argue.
· If you don’t know the answer to a question, subtly mention that you have limited knowledge on that and will surely read about it later.

After you are done being interviewed, if they ask you for any questions from you side – you may ask something which you think will show your keen interest in banking to panel or you may simply skip

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