Important English One Word Substitution

By | November 28, 2015

1 A Place Where Animals Are Slaughtered For The Market
Abattoir कसाईखाना

2 Shortening Something By Omitting Parts Of It
Abbreviation संक्षिप्त

3 To Give Up A Throne Voluntarily
Abdicate त्यागना

4 Voluntary Giving Up Of Throne In Favour Of Someone
Abdication त्याग

5 Do Away With
Abolish समाप्त करना

6 The Original Inhabitants Of A Country
Aborigines मुलनिवासी

7 An Edition A Book In Which It Has Been Condensed
Abridged संगृहीत

8 To Do Away With Rules
Abrogate अभिनिषेध करना

9 Move Faster
Accelerate में तेजी लाने के

10 Which Can Be Approached
Accessible सुलभ

11 To Accustom Oneself In New Climate
Acclimatize जलवायु का अभ्यस्त बनाना

12 A Partner In Crime
Accomplice साथी

13 Responsible For One’s Actions
Accountable उत्तरदायी

14 Make Oneself Familiar With A Person Or A Thing
Acquaint परिचित

15 The Act Of Freeing A Person From A Charge By Verdict
Acquittal दोषमुक्ति

16 Someone Versed In The Interpretation Of Numerical Data
Actuary मुंशी

17 A Substance That Can Stick Or Cause Sticking
Adhesive गोंद

18 The Period Between The Beginning Of Puberty And Adulthood
Adolescence किशोरावस्था

19 To Falsify A Thing By Admixture Or Baser Ingredients
Adulteration मिलावट

20 Person Who Pilots Or Travels In A Balloon Airship Or Other Aircraft
Aeronaut वायु-यान चलानेवाला

21 Science Of Flight Of Aeroplanes
Aeronautics एयरोनॉटिक्स

22 Fear Of Height
Aerophobia ऊंचाई का डर

23 Person Who Claims To Have Great Love For Understanding Of What Is Beautiful In Nature , Art Etc

24 A List Of Headings Of The Business To Be Transacted At A Meeting
Agenda कार्यसूची

25 To Increase The Gravity Of An Offence Or The Intensity Of A Disease
Aggravate छेड़ना

26 Someone Who Attacks
Aggressor आक्रामक

27 Fear Of Pain

28 A Person Who Claims The Existence Of God Is Unknowable
Agnostic अज्ञेयवाद का

29 Fear Of Open Spaces Or Crowd
Agoraphobia भीड़ से डर लगना

30 Belonging To A Foreign Country
Alien विदेशी

31 Arouse Hostility Or Indifference In
Alienate हटाना

32 Allowance Paid To Wife On Legal Separation
Alimony गुजारा भत्ता

33 A Story In Which Ideas Are Symbolised As People
Allegory रूपक

34 Commencement Of Words With The Same Letter
Alliteration अनुप्रास

35 An Annual Calender With Positions Of Stars
Almanac पंचांग

36 A Raised Place On Which Offering To A God Are Made
Altar वेदी

37 A Person Who Loves Every Body

Altruist परोपकार के सिद्धन्त का

38 A Lover Of Mankind

Altruist/ Philanthropist एल्ट्रूइस्ट / परोपकारी

39 A Man Who Does A Thing For Pleasure And Not As A Profession
Amateur शौकिया

40 Fear Of Riding A Car

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