Vocab Of The Day 19 November 2015

By | November 21, 2015

1. FESTOON (VERB): decorate
Synonyms: adorn, deck
Antonyms: dull, ruin
Example Sentence:Cook came out of the library where she was assisting with the festooning of the room.

2. DOWER (NOUN): natural gift
Synonyms: dowry, endowment
Antonyms: inability, weakness
Example Sentence:In all these cases the father might dower her.

3. CONTUMELY (NOUN): insult
Synonyms: abuse, arrogance
Antonyms: humility, admiration
Example Sentence:For some time, he did not make a single convert,and gained nothing but contumely and abuse.

4. SASS (NOUN): back talk
Synonyms: guff, cheek
Antonyms: question, straightforward
Example Sentence:Every woman on the planet has sass and guff qualities in them, but it seems sometimesonly black women are defined by it.

5. ENNOBLE (VERB): honor
Synonyms: dignify, praise
Antonyms: condemn, humiliate
Example Sentence:He began almost to believe that money could ennoble as well as satisfy.

6. OUTRAGE (VERB): wrong, offend, abuse
Synonyms: infuriate, insult
Antonyms: please, satisfy
Example Sentence:The outrage on the Warden was not so grotesque, but the effect was the same.

7. UPPITY (ADJECTIVE): arrogant
Synonyms: audacious, bragging
Antonyms: humble, modest
Example Sentence:She was making her do that because she thought she was uppity and she wanted topunish her.

8. RUCTION (NOUN): brawl
Synonyms: argument, affray
Antonyms: harmony, order
Example Sentence:There seems to be a ruction of some sort going on over there.

9. PSYCHE (NOUN): innermost self; personality
Synonyms: ego, mind
Antonyms: body, physicality
Example Sentence:These pressures in the psyche are as taxing as physical hardships.

10. OUTLAW (NOUN): person who is running from the law
Synonyms: bandit, crook
Antonyms: law, police
Example Sentence:Civic culture, meanwhile, takes less and less offense at the outlaw behavior of governments.

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