Vocab Of The Day 20 November 2015

By | November 21, 2015

1. PERIPATETIC (ADJECTIVE): constantly traveling
Synonyms: nomadic, itinerant
Antonyms: settled, fixed
Example Sentence:
The multinational executive’s peripatetic lifestyle began to feel less glamorous to her after her first child was born

2. RAMBUNCTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): loud, energetic
Synonyms: rowdy, raucous Antonyms: silent, quiet
Example Sentence:
When Kelly gets a bit too rambunctious, her parents sit her down for a time-out.

3. SLEEK (ADJECTIVE): smooth, glossy
Synonyms: polished, shiny Antonyms: dull, rough
Example Sentence:
With its sleek, brushed-aluminum chassis and digital temperature gauge, it could be mistaken for a device that steams milk.

4. INSOLENCE (NOUN): boldness, disrespect
Synonyms: abuse, arrogance Antonyms: respect, modest
Example Sentence:
But it seemed to him she had behaved with a pride that bordered on insolence.

5. SCANDALIZE (VERB): calumniate
Synonyms: defame, offend Antonyms: exalt, respect
Example Sentence:
Nothing could so much disturb and scandalize the world as such a sentiment.

6. INNERVATE (VERB): activate; give more life
Synonyms: excite, reinforce Antonyms: deaden, depress
Example Sentence:
Only a few papers and works can be mentioned here, with the remark that few authors have paid attention to the all-important innervation of the muscles.

7. GLEEFUL (ADJECTIVE): very happy
Synonyms: elated, cheerful Antonyms: sorrowful, upset
Example Sentence:
She gave a gleeful chuckle as she recognized a dear, familiar script.

8. TIRADE (NOUN): abuse, outburst
Synonyms: invective, ranting Antonyms: harmony, peace
Example Sentence:
This is not a tirade against divorce or against the working mother.

9. VACILLATE (VERB): go back and forth
Synonyms: oscillate, waffle Antonyms: remain, stay
Example Sentence:
It seems like you vacillate between 10 and 20 members at any given time

10. TENACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): strong, unyielding
Synonyms: determined, dogged Antonyms: afraid, irresolute
Example Sentence:
She seldom showed any anger; but when she did it was tenacious, and slow to be appeased.

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