Vocab Of The Day 4 November 2015

By | November 14, 2015

1. LIBERALITY (NOUN): generosity

Synonyms: charity, goodness

Antonyms: malevolence, unkindness

Example Sentence:

Though the speech was short, but it expressed good sense, warm attachment, liberality, propriety, even delicacy of feelings.
2. LASSITUDE (NOUN): lethargy

Synonyms: dullness, inaction

Antonyms: energy, liveliness

Example Sentence:

People who do not sleep well are often worn out during the day because of lassitude.
3. IMPEL (VERB): prompt, incite

Synonyms: compel, induce

Antonyms: hinder, check

Example Sentence:

The manufacturer hopes its commercial will impel us to purchase its new product.
4. PRECOCIOUS (ADJECTIVE): exceptionally smart, ahead of age in understanding

Synonyms: bright, mature

Antonyms: stupid, intelligent

Example Sentence:

The music teacher was surprised to see the precocious toddler correctly playing the violin.
5. IMPETUOUS (ADJECTIVE): acting without thinking, sudden decision

Synonyms: ardent, impulsive

Antonyms: calm, sensible

Example Sentence:

His impetuous behavior landed him in prison.
6. PESKY (ADJECTIVE): bothersome

Synonyms: annoying, vexing

Antonyms: pleasing, untroubling

Example Sentence:

She let out a self-important sigh as she turned; ready to dismiss the pesky newcomer.
7. JOSH (VERB): joke

Synonyms: banter, kid

Antonyms: serious, sober

Example Sentence:

She willed herself not to laugh at his josh, but it was hard.
8. RESTIVE (ADJECTIVE): impatient, nervous

Synonyms: agitated, tense

Antonyms: relaxed, calm

Example Sentence:

After just a week of summer vacation, the kids were bored and restive, demanding new

things to do.
9. EFFETE (ADJECTIVE): spoiled, exhausted

Synonyms: corrupt, debased

Antonyms: capable, productive

Example Sentence:

The huge wrestler made fun of the effete man who entered the ring to challenge him.
10. APPEASE (VERB): satisfy, pacify

Synonyms: allay, mollify

Antonyms: aggravate, agitate

Example Sentence:

Management hopes to appease the unhappy workers by raising their salaries.