Vocab Of The Day Part 1

By | November 26, 2015

1. SKEW (VERB): distort
Synonyms: alter, bias
Antonyms: maintain, straighten
Example Sentence: But the other thing we know about the uninsured is that they skew quite young.

2. IMPALE (VERB): stab
Synonyms: prick, transfix
Antonyms: close, hold
Example Sentence: He allowed us to go on without ordering his men to impale us.

3. APOCALYPSE (NOUN): mass destruction
Synonyms: annihilation, devastation
Antonyms: happiness, wonder
Example Sentence: His conclusion was that this was a rare but not unprecedented natural occurrence, and certainly not a sign of the apocalypse.

4. CHASTEN (VERB): correct, humiliate
Synonyms: penalize, abase
Antonyms: approve, comfort
Example Sentence: This business is going to chasten your soul, and make you mend your ways.

5. DISCOURSE (NOUN): dialogue; dissertation
Synonyms: discussion, speech
Antonyms: quiet, silence
Example Sentence: I could not follow his discourse well, and was very much fatigued by my days walk.

6. PROVOCATION (NOUN): incitement, stimulus
Synonyms: indignity, insult
Antonyms: compliment, discouragement
Example Sentence: One night in that year an Indian killed one of the habitués of the place, the provocation being unbearable.

7. ASSAULT (NOUN): attack
Synonyms: charge, offensive
Antonyms: retreat, freeing
Example Sentence: He had escaped, but two of his deputies were killed in the assault.

8. SWAY (VERB): move back and forth
Synonyms: bend, lean
Antonyms: hold, remain
Example Sentence: However, facts never seem to sway pageant naysayers from their point.

9. CONTENTION (NOUN): competition
Synonyms: conflict, dispute
Antonyms: accord, harmony
Example Sentence: The last point of contention is the ability of females to physically do the job.

10. CONDONE (VERB): make allowance for
Synonyms: excuse, forget
Antonyms: attend, regard
Example Sentence: She could even understand those facts, though she could not condone them.

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