Vocab Of The Day Part 2

By | November 26, 2015

Learn daily English Vocab for your exam with Proper Synonyms and Antonyms
1. CONDIGN (ADJECTIVE): appropriate, proper
Synonyms: deserved, earned
Antonyms: unfair, inadequate
Example Sentence: He had thought of raising the parish, of condign punishment of many sorts, but not this.

2. CONVICTION (NOUN): belief, opinion
Synonyms: faith, sentiment
Antonyms: doubt, disbelief
Example Sentence: Now he wants his conviction overturned and is seeking a new trial.

3. OBLIGE (VERB): require
Synonyms: compel, constraint
Antonyms: delay, release
Example Sentence: Thus intending to oblige only a single man you have acquired the gratitude of many.

4. RECEPTIVITY (NOUN): openness
Synonyms: acceptance, interest
Antonyms: disagreement, disbelief
Example Sentence: It thinks its system of concepts freely on the occasion of the affections of the receptivity.

5. CONVOKE (VERB): meet
Synonyms: assemble, gather
Antonyms: disperse, scatter
Example Sentence: The Committee was assured that they intended to convoke the electors.

6. SHEER (ADJECTIVE): abrupt, steep
Synonyms: erect, arduous
Antonyms: heavy, impermeable
Example Sentence: The sheer number of people who need to be rehoused is itself an enormous issue.

Synonyms: destroyed, removed
Antonyms: repaired, fixed
Example Sentence: Both families struggle to find a way to continue in a world where everything is obliterated by an act of random violence.

8. LACERATE (VERB): tear, cut; wound
Synonyms: hurt, injure
Antonyms: cure, fix
Example Sentence: These spurs do not lacerate the horse, as their points are blunt.

9. BEDRAGGLED (ADJECTIVE): unkempt, untidy
Synonyms: disordered, drenched
Antonyms: fresh, neat
Example Sentence: His relief was so great that, forgetting his own bedraggled condition, he laughed.

Synonyms: blazing, burning
Antonyms: cool, freezing
Example Sentence: The fire in his body, the scalding heat that had been quenched by the cold water.

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