Important English Idioms n Phrases for Exam

By | November 28, 2015

Idioms and Phrases
01. Like a fish out of water: In a strange situation
02. Smell a rat: Suspect something foul
03. Read between the lines: Understand the hidden meaning
04. Tooth and Nail: With all of one’s power
05. Spread like wild fire: Spread quickly
06. Hit the nail on the head: Do or say the exact thing
07. Burn the midnight Oil: Work or study hard
08. Under his thumb: Under his control
09. With a high hand: Oppressively
10. Gain ground: Become popular
11. By leaps and bounds: Rapidly
12. Make off with: To run away with
13. Pass away: to die
14. To cry for the moon: Ask for the impossible
15. To make a pig of oneself: To over-eat
16. Donkey’s years: Very long time
17. To pull one’s leg: to joke; tease
18. To keep one’s fingers crossed: to hope fervently
19. To eat humble pie: To apologize in a humble manner
20. To fight a losing battle: Struggle without hope of success
21. A deadlock: A position when no progress can be made
22. A daredevil: A person who does not care for any consequences
23. Once in a blue moon: Very rarely
24. At a premium: Difficult to get or obtain
25. To play the game: To act honestly
26. Be in a tight corner: In a very difficult situation
27. Cock and bull story: Made up story that one should not believe
28. Cat and dog life: Life full of quarrels
29. Like a cat on hot bricks: Very nervous
30. Have a card up one’s sleeve: Have a secret plan in reserve
31. Tell against: To prove adverse to; to go against
32. Run through: To squander or waste
33. Run over: to drive over
34. Alive and kicking: Active and healthy
35. To bell the cat: To face the risk
36. To break the ice: To break the silence
37. To call a spade a spade: To be frank and truthful
38. Behind one’s back: In the absence of
39. At sea: Confused or lost
40. To burn one’s fingers: To lose on account of foolish behavior
41. A cold fish: A person devoid of emotions
42. To cross the Rubicon: To take a decisive step
43. Double-dealing: Deceiving
44. To die hard: Change with great difficulty
45. To die in harness: To work till the last day of one’s life
46. To plough a lonely furrow: To work without help or support
47. Lock stock and barrel: Completely
48. The long and the short: the main point
49. Bring to light: Disclose
50. The bottom line: The final criteria

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