Daily 5 English Vocab Words in Detail – 28 December

By | December 28, 2017

Daily Vocabulary ( 27 Dec 2017 ) : 5 Words
1. CONFORM (VERB): adhere to
Synonyms: adjust, adapt
Antonyms: deny, prevent
Example Sentence: You must conform to the rules laid down by your organization.

Synonyms: boorish, raffish
Antonyms: nice, pleasant
Example Sentence: Though he is quite rich, he wears coarse clothes.

3. CONTAGIOUS (ADJECTIVE): that spreads by contact
Synonyms: communicable, spreading
Antonyms: harmless, noncommunicable
Example Sentence: Small pox is a contagious disease.

4. DECRY (VERB): criticize
Synonyms: blame, derogate
Antonyms: approve, praise
Example Sentence: The foreign policy of the party has always been decried.

5. DEDUCE (VERB): infer
Synonyms: analyze, assume
Antonyms: disregard, ignore
Example Sentence: It is difficult to deduce any conclusion from your ambiguous remarks.


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