Daily English Phrasal Verb/Idiom of the Day – 27 December 2017

By | December 27, 2017

Phrasal Verb of the Day
Knock together
✔️ Meaning:
▪️ To make something quickly, or without putting too much thought into details

✔️ For example:
▪️ Knock together sth Our designers are going to knock together a model so we can see how it’ll look.
▪️ Knock sth together We’ve got some investors coming this afternoon. Would it be possible to knock a presentation together for them?



Idiom of the Day

Neck of the woods
✔️ Meaning:
▪️ A neck of the woods is a neighbourhood or a district, usually rural.

✔️ For example:
▪️ What brings you to our neck of the woods?
▪️ Have land prices gone up in your neck of the woods too?



Daily One #Common_mistakes with #Confused_words

Divide into parts, not in parts.
❌ Don’t say: I divided the cake in four parts.
✔️ Say: I divided the cake into four parts.

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