Challenging Words from The Article The Hindu (10 January)

By | April 11, 2018

Daily English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms with Hindi Meaning and Examples (10-01-2018)

1)Hubbub (noun) ( कोलाहल):  hub-ab
Meaning –  a loud disturbance coming from a number of sources
Synonyms – commotion, clamour; confusion/chaos.
Antonyms –  peace , calm , orderly , quiet
Example –  The hubbub from the group of reporters gave the politician a headache.

2)Embroider (verb)  (बढ़ा-चढ़ाकर कहना) :  em-broi-der
Meaning – add fictitious or exaggerated details to (an account) to make it more interesting.
Synonyms – elaborate, embellish,  exaggerate.
Antonyms – uglify , downplay , deface
Example – He is known to embroider the truth about his service in the army.

3)Travesty (noun) (विडंबना ,उपहास ): trav-uh-stee
Meaning –  a false or distorted representation of something, usually of something serious
Synonyms-: misrepresentation, distortion/perversion, poor imitation.
Antonyms – dignify , seriousness , ennoble
Example – It would be a travesty of justice to put an innocent man in jail.

4)Obligatory (adjective) (अनिवार्य):     o-blig-a-to-ry
Meaning –  required by law or a set of rules
Synonyms-: compulsory, mandatory, statutory/binding.
Antonyms – optional,  voluntary,  discretionary
Example – Even though the two politicians despised each other, they still exchangedobligatory greetings before the debate.

5)Impersonate (noun)  (अभिनय करना) –  im-perso-na-shun
Meaning –   pretending to be another person for the purpose of entertainment or fraud.
Synonyms – travesty, mockery, imitation.
Antonyms – original , actual
Example – Reema convinced her friend toimpersonate her teacher’s voice on the phone in order to fool her parents into believing that they were speaking to Reema’s teacher about her grades in school.

6) Outweigh (verb) (पल्ला झुकना) – aaut-way
Meaning – for something to be more important or further along than something else
Synonyms –  supersede, offset, cancel out.
Antonyms –   trail , fail , loose
Example – The businessman cancelled the deal as the disadvantages of the deal largely outweighed the advantages.

7)Dissuade (verb)  (विपरीत परामर्श देना) – dis-suade
Meaning – to convince an individual to not try or complete something
Synonyms-: discourage, deter, prevent/divert.
Antonyms  – persuade , encourage , incite
Example – Jealous people will always try todissuade you from trying to be successful.

8)Undercover (adjective) ( आड़ में) – under-cover
Meaning – involving secret work within a community or organization, especially for the purposes of police investigation.
Synonyms- covert/secret, private, confidential.
Antonyms – open , public , overt
Example – Police designed an undercoveroperation designed to catch drug smugglers.

9)Comprehensive (adjective)  (व्यापक)  – compre-hen-sive
Meaning-  comprising a wide range of things
Synonyms –  thorough/full, all-inclusive, complete.
Antonyms –  exclusive , jejune , limited
Example – The lengthy report is a comprehensivesurvey of the funds, materials, and labor needed to build the new highway.

10)Lay (in) (phrasal verb) –  ( संरक्षित ) – lay-in
Meaning-   to get and keep a supply of something such as food to use in the future
Synonyms – preserve, conserve, collect.
Antonyms – destroy , demolish , ruin
Example – You should better lay in plenty of food for the coming winter months.

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