Challenging Words from The Article The Hindu (16 January)

By | January 30, 2018

Daily English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms with Hindi Meaning and Examples (16-01-2018)

1)Imperil (verb)  ( संकट में डालना): im-per-ul
Meaning – put at risk of being harmed, injured, or destroyed/to be in danger of something or someone
Synonyms -:  endanger, jeopardize, risk
Antonyms – save, guard, rescue
Example – Even though roller coasters seem safe, they can imperil the lives of the riders as well as those on the ground due to frequent mechanical failures and poor inspections.

2)Impinge (verb)  ( टकराना,ठोकर खाना): im-pinj
Meaning – to produce an effect, usually an unwanted one
Synonyms-: affect, influence, invade
Antonyms – avoid, dodge, calculate
Example – You are free to pursue all the things that make you happy as long as you do notimpinge on the freedoms of others during your pursuit.

3)Endearment(noun)  ( लाड़ प्यार): en-deer-ment
Meaning – actions or words that convey affection
Synonyms-: affection, fondness, tenderness
Antonyms – dislike, estrangement, ghastliness
Example – Mother hoped her words ofendearment would make her son feel better after he failed his exam.

4)Averse (adjective)  ( प्रतिकूल): ah-vurs
Meaning – actively not liking something, having a strong dislike of or opposition to something.
Synonyms-: opposed to, against, antipathetic to, hostile to, antagonistic to
Antonyms – desirous, inclined, willing, keen
Example – She was so self-conceited that she was averse to all advice from others.

5)Maneuvre (noun)  ( अमंगल): mane-u-vare
Meaning – a planned and controlled movement or operation by the armed forces for training purposes and in war
Synonyms-: operation, exercise, activity, move
Example – Reversing round a corner is one of themanoeuvres you are required to perform in a driving test.

6)Stark (adjective)  ( निरा , कोरा): stahrk
Meaning -severe or bare in appearance or outline.
Synonyms-: blunt, bald, bare, simple, straightforward
Antonyms – lush, filled, adorned, cheerful
Example -This tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of drunk driving.

7)Array (noun)  ( श्रंखला): array-ed
Meaning – a large collection of things or people
Synonyms-: arrange, assemble, draw up, group, order, range,
Antonyms – disorder, derange ,disrupt
Example – As the marriage date approaching, she started experiencing a bewildering array of emotions.

8)Admonish (verb)  ( धिक्कारना ,  ताड़ना देना, चेताना ) : ad-mon-ish-ing
Meaning – to scold; to warn strongly
Synonyms-: reprimand, rebuke, scold, reprove
Antonyms – praise,  applaud, commend,  compliment
Example – Stewart is going to admonish the restaurant for poor customer service.

9)Assertive (adjective)  ( मुखर): ah-sur-tiv
Meaning – boldly self-assured; confident without being aggressive
Synonyms-: confident, positive, bold, decisive, assured
Antonyms – Shy, indefinite
Example – The manager was pleased with the assertive handshake from the interviewee.

10)Terms of endearment (adjective)  ( प्यार या स्नेह के शब्द):
Meaning – word or phrase used to address or describe a person, animal or inanimate object for which the speaker feels love or affection.
Synonyms-: sweet words, sweet talk
Antonyms – harsh, bitter
Example – No term of endearment crossed their lips when the prime ministers of India and Pakistan met.

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