Challenging Words from The Article The Hindu (27 January)

By | January 29, 2018

Daily English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms with Hindi Meaning and Examples (27-01-2018)

1) Naysayer (noun) (निराशावादी) : ney-sey-er
Meaning – a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views/someone who says something is not possible, is not good, or will fail
Synonyms – misanthrope, cynic, pessimist
Antonyms – optimist, positivist, idealist
Example – He ignored naysayers in his party and decided to run for election.

2)Mantle  (noun) (कर्तव्य) : man-tl
Meaning – the obligations or authority associated with an individual’s duties, title, or personal beliefs
Synonyms-: role, ownership, onus, responsibility, function, position
Antonyms – irresponsibility
Example – Before the king died, he passed hismantle to his eldest son.

3) Fledgling(noun) (अनुभवहीन) : flej-ling
Meaning – a person or organization who is just starting out in a field of activity/an individual or group that is inexperienced or not fully mature
Synonyms –  emerging, amateur, learner
Antonyms – expert, master, pro, professional
Example – The current economic climate is particularly difficult for fledgling businesses.

4) Renege (veb) (मुकर जाना ) :  re-neged
Meaning – to not fulfill a promise
Synonyms – back down, back off, back out, cop out, fink out
Antonyms – adhere (to), fulfil, keep, satisfy
Example – The kind manager did everything he could to ensure he would not renege on the promises he made to his employees.

5) Thrust (verb) (जोर) :  thruhst
Meaning – to force something in a certain direction
Synonyms – drive, propel, shove, push
Antonyms – dive, plummet, sink, slide
Example -Sometimes, the wind will be so strong that it will thrust open an unlocked door to a building or house.

6) Slew(noun) (अधिक संख्या) : sloo
Meaning – a large number or quantity of something.
Synonyms – abundance, bunch, loads, mass
Antonyms – absence, dearth, lack, paucity
Example -The interviewer asked me a slewof questions.

7) Imperial (adjective) (साम्राज्य) :  im-peer-ee-ul
Meaning – relating to an empire, emperor, or the concept of imperialism
Synonyms – august, baronial, epic, gallant, glorious
Antonyms – average, common, mediocre, ordinary
Example – During the British imperial period, India suffered greatly at the expense of their treatment.

8) Veil (verb) (ढकना) : veyl
Meaning – partially conceal, disguise, or obscure.
Synonyms – cover, hide
Antonyms – unveil, expose, uncover
Example -He made only a veiled reference to international concerns over human rights issues.

9) Amend (verb) (संशोधन) : aa-mend
Meaning – to make better, to correct or to make something fairer or more accurate, or to reflect changing circumstances.
Synonyms –  revise, alter, modify,  rectify, reform,
Antonyms – damage, harm, injure, spoil, tarnish, vitiate
Example – After proving that I was truly born on a different date, they agreed to amend my birth certificate

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