Challenging Words from The Article The Hindu (28 January)

By | January 29, 2018

Daily English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms with Hindi Meaning and Examples (28-01-2018)

1) Syndicate (noun) (संघ) : sin-di-cate
Meaning – a group that comes together to buy, trade, invest, or negotiate, usually with large amounts of capital or goods on the line
Synonyms – trust, organization, pool, cartel
Antonyms – individual, one, single
Example – Several investors pooled their money to form a syndicate where they bought stocks and traded to amass millions.

2) Nexus (noun) – (केंद्रीय) : nex-as
Meaning – the focal place or point
Synonyms – center, junction
Antonyms – dim, blur, insignificant
Example -Today Facebook seems to be thenexus of communication.

3) Moot (verb)  (विवादास्पद) : moot
Meaning -subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty/having little or no practical relevance.
Synonyms –  debatable  doubtful, disputable, contestable
Antonyms – certain, indubitable, unquestionable, irrefutable
Example – Because your facts come from an unverified source, your research paper is moot.

4) Gamut (noun) (एक पूरी रेंज) : ga-mut
Meaning – an entire range
Synonyms – range, scale, series, chain
Antonyms – individual, incomplete, pieces
Example – College life opened up a whole gamut of new experiences.

5) Nuance (noun) (अति सूक्ष्म अंतर) : nu-ance
Meaning – a subtle distinction or variation
Synonyms – shade, distinction, refinement
Antonyms – coarse, inexact, rough
Example – To solve the puzzle in the newspaper, you need to identify the nuance in the two seemingly identical pictures.

6)Advocacy (noun)(वकालत) : ad-vo-kay-c
Meaning – public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.
Synonyms –  support for, argument for, arguing for, calling for, pushing for, pressing for
Antonyms – oppose, protest, discourage
Example – She is well known for her advocacy of women’s rights.

7)Substantial (adjective)  (ठोस,सामान्य से बड़ा) : subs-tan-cial
Meaning – referring to something that is greater or larger than normal
Synonyms – strong, firm, stout
Antonyms -unimportant, minor, trivial
Example – Due to his strong compassion for the charity, the businessman donated a substantialamount of money to the cause.

8) Conviction (noun) (दोषसिद्धि) : con-vik-shun
Meaning – a firmly held belief or opinion, a formal declaration by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law that someone is guilty of a criminal offence.
Synonyms – sentence, judgement
Antonyms – acquittal
Example -As it was her first conviction for stealing, she was given a less severe sentence.

9) Revamp (noun) (सुधार) : re-vamp
Meaning – give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.
Synonyms –  renovate, redecorate, refurbish, recondition, rehabilitate
Antonyms – destroy, damage, abolish
Example -The public school system is undergoing a revamp due to a project in conjunction with the World Bank.

10) Prism (noun)  (विशेष दृष्टिकोण) : pri-sm
Meaning – used to refer to the clarification or distortion afforded by a particular viewpoint.
Synonyms – perspective, standpoint, angle, outlook
Example -They were forced to imagine the disaster through the prism of television.

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