Challenging Words from The Article The Hindu (31 January)

By | January 31, 2018

Daily English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms with Hindi Meaning and Examples (31-01-2018)

1) Spurt (noun)  (उछाल) : es-purt
Meaning – an unexpected short increase in activity, development or effort
Synonyms – sprint, burst, flare, flare-up, flash, flicker
Antonyms –  calm, doldrums, slump
Example – With a spurt of energy, Raman was able to cross over the finish line and won the race.

2) Brace (verb)  ( तैयार रहना) : bray-s
Meaning – to prepare for use by making stronger/prepare (someone) for something difficult or unpleasant.
Synonyms –  gear up, stabilize, gird, strengthen, fortify, bolster
Antonyms –  weaken, die down, ease off, sap, undermine
Example -Soldiers in the capital are bracing themselves against an expected attack by rebel forces.

3) Rally (noun)  (सुधार) : ra-li
Meaning – recover or cause to recover in health, spirits, or poise.
Synonyms –   recovery, improve, get better, pick up, revive, rebound,
Antonyms –  deteriorate, worsen
Example -He floundered for a moment, thenrallied again.

4) Windfall (noun)   (अप्रत्याशित) : vind-faal
Meaning -an unanticipated benefit, usually monetary in nature
Synonyms –  bonanza, jackpot
Antonyms –   misfortune, bane and calamity
Example – The college student was thrilled when the purchase of a dollar lottery ticket won her awindfall.

5) Feel the pinch (phrase)   (कठिनाई भुगतना)
Meaning – experience hardship, especially financial.
Synonyms –  suffer hardship, have less money, be short of money, be poor, be impoverished,
Antonyms –  rich, wealthy
Example -The recession hit us hard and many of our customers have been feeling the pinch.

6) Hedge (noun)   (सुरक्षा) : hej
Meaning – a way of protecting oneself against financial loss or other adverse circumstances.
Synonyms –  safeguard, protection, shield, screen, guard, buffer, cushion
Antonyms –  expose, neglect, attack, harm
Example -Index-linked gilts are a useful hedgeagainst inflation.

7) Undue (adjective)  (अनुपयुक्त) : un-dew
Meaning – at a level that is extreme, not needed
Synonyms –  excessive, extreme, immoderate.
Antonyms –   due, appropriate, proper
Example -Because of undue stress, the doctor decided to take a break from working at the hospital.

8) Desist from (verb)  (से बाज आना , से हटना ) : de-zist-from
Meaning – stop doing something; cease or abstain.
Synonyms –  abstain, refrain, forbear, hold back
Antonyms –  indulge
Example -During the swearing-in ceremony, each pledged to desist from acts of sabotage.

9) Taking a leaf out of the book (phrase) – (अनुसरण करना) :
Meaning –  To do something in the way someone else would do it; to behave or act like someone else.
Synonyms –  imitate, copy/reproduce, follow.
Antonyms –  disregard, ignore, tune out
Example – As I am impressed by your healthy habits, I think I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and start going for a run first thing in the morning.

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