Daily 5 English Vocab Words in Detail – 12 January

By | February 7, 2018

Daily Vocabulary ( 12 Jan 2018 ) : 5 Word
1. PLUNGE (NOUN): fall
Synonyms: quick drop, dive
Antonyms: rise, increase
Example Sentence: Fanatics went straight from the hot room to take a cold plunge.

2. SPEW (VERB): spit out
Synonyms: expel, throw up
Antonyms: contain, restrain
Example Sentence: Rina is going to spew right here in the car.

3. DEMURRER (NOUN): argument for ideas.
Synonyms: discussion, explanation
Antonyms: denial, sympathy
Example Sentence: The headmaster was about to enter a stinging demurrer when the phone rang.

4. QUIZZ (VERB): cross examine
Synonyms: investigate, inquire
Antonyms: answer, reply
Example Sentence: For the next few days, Ria quizzed me about Nikhil.

5. RUCHED (VERB): fold
Synonyms: bend, curl
Antonyms: flatten, unbend
Example Sentence: Shikha hinted towards her ruched T-shirt


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