Daily 5 English Vocab Words in Detail – 20 January

By | January 22, 2018

Daily Vocabulary ( 20 Jan 2018 ) : 5 Word
1. DAUB (VERB): deface
Synonyms: smear, smudge
Antonyms: cleanse, purify
Example Sentence: The criminal daubed the victim’s face.

2. YEARNING (NOUN): desire
Synonyms: aspiration, craving
Antonyms: apathy, distaste
Example Sentence: I have a yearning to crack the IBPS PO examination.

3. INCUR (VERB): bring upon oneself
Synonyms: obtain, acquire
Antonyms: forfeit, lose
Example Sentence: The retiree was able to pull out his funds early, but he did incur a fee when doing so.

Synonyms: spouting, pouring out
Antonyms: stagnant, frozen
Example Sentence: Abuses were gushing from his mouth like hell.

5. PERISH (VERB): decay
Synonyms: rot, expire
Antonyms: improve, rise
Example Sentence: This chemical will eventually perish sometime today.


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