Daily One Liner 15 General Awareness Questions (11 January 2018)

By | January 11, 2018

➡ Daily ( 11 Jan ) One Liner : 12 Questions
▪️ Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the first Overseas Parliamentary Conference of Overseas Indian in the city – New Delhi

▪️ Recently popular musician AR Rahman was appointed the brand ambassador of the state- Sikkim

▪️ The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has unveiled the official logo of her state- W.Bengal

▪️ A country which has become the first country to legalize equal pay for men and women – Iceland

▪️ Recently, the state government has started a common card for traveling in bus, metro – Delhi

▪️ It is compulsory to teach about this famous historical Shaiv Acharya in Madhya Pradesh schools – Adi Shankaracharya

▪️ The Indian government has banned this type of flag to be used – flag made from plastic

▪️ Presiding over India’s navy power demonstration, Defense Minister Nirmala Sirmarna recently rode on the battleship – INS Kolkata

▪️ The country which recently banned cotton buds – England

▪️ He has recently been appointed as the General Manager of the Board of Control of Cricket in India – Saba Karim

▪️ The country where the first transporter Walkway Glass Bridge was started with special effects – China


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