English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms (03 January 18)

By | January 3, 2018

Important daily 10 Challenging English Words in the Article of the Day with Hindi Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and Examples (03-01-2018):

1. Mutable (adjective): (Liable to change.) (परिवर्तनीय)
Synonyms: Changeable, Alterable, Convertible, Modifying In Nature, Transformable.
Antonyms: Immutable, Un-Changeable.
Example: Many species have mutable characteristics to help them in camouflage.
Verb forms: Mutate, Mutated, Mutated.
Related words:
Mutation (noun): परिवर्तन

2. Top brass (idiom): (Higher authority of an organization (especially military)) (शासी निकाय)
Synonyms: Governing Body, Authoritative Class, Administrative Body, Leaders, Heads.
Antonyms: Subordinate Class, Followers.
Example: The top brass of any organization should be of meritocratic in nature.

3. Retract (verb): (Withdraw (a statement or accusation) as untrue or unjustified.) (राय बदलना/पीछे हटना)
Synonyms: Take back, Withdraw, Unsay, Recant, Disclaim, Abjure, Reverse.
Antonyms: Adhere (to), Acknowledge, Admit, Affirm.
Example: After being sued, the magazine was forced to retract the fictitious article.
Verb forms: Retract, Retracted, Retracted.
Related words:
Retractable (adjective) – वापस लेने योग्य
Origin: from Latin retractus, past participle of retrahere in the sense of ‘withdraw (a statement’).

4. Palpable (adjective): (Clearly visible/capable of being perceive./ comprehensible with ease. (प्रत्यक्ष/ दृश्य)
Synonyms: Evident, Apparent, Noticeable, Seeming, Clear, Visible, Sure.
Antonyms: Ambiguous, Doubtful, Suspicious, Vague, Uncertain.
Example: Because the bank was being robbed, the sense of fear among the patrons was palpable.
Related words:
Palpability (adjective) – प्रत्यक्षता
Palpably (adverb) – स्पष्ट रूप से

5. In stone (phrase): (No longer changeable). (अपरिवर्तनीय)
Synonyms: Permanent, Immutable, Non-Changeable, Invariable, Unalterbale.
Antonyms: Impermanent, Temporary.
Example: The dictator implemented his regime like set in stone.

6. Hallow (verb): (Revere or honor/ to make holy or sanctify.) (सम्मान करना/आदर करना)
Synonyms: Respect, Venerate, Exalt, Regard, Deify.
Antonyms: Abhor, Condemn, Criticize, Denounce, Despise, Detest.
Example: After he saved nine children from the burning building, the entire town has hallowed feelings for him.
Verb forms: Hallow, Hallowed, Hallowed.
Related words:
Hallowed (adjective) – revered

7. Incongruous (adjective): Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something. (असंगत/असंबद्ध)
Synonyms: Inappropriate, Unsuitable, Unsuited, Not In Harmony, Incoherent.
Antonyms: Compatible, Congruous, Fitting, Harmonious, Matched.
Example: The duffel coat looked incongruous with the black dress she wore underneath.
Related words:
Incongruity (noun): (The state of not being in harmony).
Origin: from Latin incongruus (from in- ‘not’ + congruus ‘agreeing, suitable’

8. Sui generis (adjective): (Constituting a class of its own/unique) (अद्वितीय)
Synonyms: Exclusive, Uncommon, Onliest, One and only, Unique.
Antonyms: Common, Ordinary, Regular, Commonplace.
Example: When Twitter launched, it was viewed as sui generis because of its unique style of communication.
Origin: From Latin, literally ‘of its own kind’.

9. Tyrannical (adjective): (Exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way/ characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty) (निरंकुश)
Synonyms: Autocratic, Dictatorial, Despotic, Undemocratic, Illiberal.
Antonyms: Compassionate, Democratic, Gentle, Kind.
Example: In a dictatorship the ruler generally uses tyrannical ways to run the country.
Related words:
Tyranny (noun) – निर्दयता/निरंकुशता

10. Tweak (noun): (A fine adjustment to a mechanism or system.) (परिवर्तन/बदलाव/सुधार)
Synonyms: Modification, Alteration, Change, Refinement, Improvement.
Antonyms: Damage, Worsening.
Example: The Company decided to tweak the old policies, in order to increase its revenue.
Verb forms: Tweak, Tweaked, Tweaked.
Related words:
Tweak (verb) – सुधार करना

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