Secret of Success in GK Quiz

By | January 15, 2018

*#Secret of Success in Quiz !!*

🌐 Which is the National game of Canada? – Ice Hockey

🌐 Which is the Largest Peninsula in the World? – Arabia

🌐 World Red Cross Day is celebrated on which date? – May 8

🌐 The title of whose book translates as my struggle ? – Adolf Hitler

🌐 Which Country is known as the “Playground of Europe”? – Switzerland

🌐 Which is the Largest Lake in Africa? – Lake Victoria

🌐 Who was the first Secretary General of UNO? – Trygve Lie

🌐 Which is the World’s Longest Mountain range? – Andes

🌐 Knesset is the name of parliament of which Country? – Isreal

🌐 What is the Capitol of Morocco ? – Rabat

🌐 The first World cup hockey Men tournament was held in which year and where? – Spain

🌐 Which is the Largest Island in the World? – Greenland

🌐 Which River is known as the Sorrow of Bengal? – Damodar River

🌐 Order Niesse line is the boundary line between which two Countries? – Germany and Poland

🌐 Which is the Longest river in the World? – Nile river.

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