Challenging Words from The Article The Hindu (21 February)

By | February 23, 2018

Daily English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms with Hindi Meaning and Examples (21-02-2018)

1)Heist ( noun)  (चोरी):   Hi-ist
Meaning -a robbery or burglary
Synonyms – grab, theft, pinch, rip-off, snatching, swiping
Antonyms – bestow, contribute, donate, give, hand over, present
Example – Every 6 o’clock news covered the story about the bank heist in the nearby town.

2)Crescendo ( noun)  (सर्वोच्च वृद्धि):   cres-endo
Meaning –  the topmost increase in size or intensity
Synonyms –    extreme, extremity, tip,apex, climax
Antonyms – bottom, nadir, base
Example -The audience’s applause hit an ear-piercing crescendo when the talk show host came through the curtains.

3)Wanting ( adjective)  (अभावग्रस्त,न्यून):   want-ing
Meaning –  lacking in a required or necessary quality.
Synonyms –  deficient, inadequate, lacking, insufficient, imperfect
Antonyms –  sufficient, acceptable,adequate,satisfactory
Example -If you are wanting in courtesy, no one is going to like you.

4)Shaky( adjective)  (अस्थिर):   shey-ki
Meaning –  not safe or reliable; liable to fail or falter.
Synonyms –   faltering, unsteady, uncertain, tentative, wobbly
Antonyms – sound, strong,steady,stable
Example – Thoroughly shaky evidence”

5)Loophole ( noun)  (कानून में अस्पष्टता या अपर्याप्तता):   loop-hohl
Meaning –  a mistake or vagueness in a regulation or law that allow all or part of it to be avoided or changed
Synonyms –   escape,clause,alternative,way out
Example -He pays very little tax because of some loophole in income tax legislation..

6)Disown ( verb)  (त्यागना ):   dis-own
Meaning –  to refuse to acknowledge any connection with something
Synonyms –   contradict, disaffirm, disallow, disavow, disclaim, disconfirm, deny
Antonyms – acknowledge, admit, allow, avow, concede, confirm, own
Example – The wealthy grandfather decided todisown his grandson and take him out of his will after he was found out guilty of a crime.

7)Under-report( verb)  ( होने की रिपोर्ट करना):  under-re-port
Meaning – to report to be less than is actually the case/ fail to report (something, especially news or data) fully
Example – Politicians usually underreport their income.

*Idioms/Phrases in the article  -*

8)Up to scratch( Phrase)  (आवश्यक मानक तक, संतोषजनक)
Meaning –  up to the required standard/As good as what was expected, required, or demanded; satisfactory or adequate
Synonyms –   good enough, up to the mark, up to standard, acceptable
Antonyms –  below standard, unacceptable
Example -Although he was a native Englishman, his English was not up to scratch.

9)Crack the whip( Phrase)  (लोगों को कठिन मेहनत करने के लिए दबाव डालना)
Meaning –  to put people under pressure to work harder /To push or urge someone (usually one’s subordinate) to work harder, likened to literally cracking a whip to control or urge on an animal/
Synonyms –   dogmatic,bossy,overbearing
Antonyms -democratic,humble,meek,docile
Example –  The boss is nervous that we’ll lose this account, so he’s really started cracking the whip on us.

10)Spill Over( Phrasal Verb)  (अन्य क्षेत्रों में फैलना ):
Meaning – (of a bad situation or strong emotion) reach a point at which it can no longer be controlled or contained/To exceed the borders or parameters of something/to overflow
Synonyms –   spread out, disperse, fan out
Antonyms – lessen, shrink
Example – The protests have spilled over to other parts of the city.

11)Confine to( Phrase)  (सीमित रखना):
Meaning –  To restrict something to a particular person or thing; to limit the scope of something
Synonyms –  circumscribe, restrain, bound, throttle, specify, enclose, fix, limit
Antonyms – unloose, free, release, loose, liberate
Example –  Please confine your requests to the particular department, so as to not overwhelm the whole office staff.

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