Daily English Phrasal Verb/Idiom of Day – 18 February 2018

By | February 20, 2018

Phrasal Verb of the Day
➡ Drop by
✔ Meaning:
▪ To make a short, casual visit somewhere

✔ For example:
▪ Why don’t you drop by for a game of chess on your way home?
▪ Could you drop by the pharmacy on your way and get me some aspirin?


Idiom of the Day
Go out on a limb
✔ Meaning:
▪ If you go out on a limb, you put yourself in a risky position in order to support someone or something.

✔ For example:
▪ He knew it could damage his career, but Keith went out on a limb and said he supported the anti-war protesters.
▪ I don’t think that saying you support gay rights means you’re going out on a limb these days.

▪ Origin: Probably metaphorical, from the fact that if you’re climbing a tree and you go too far out on a limb, you’re taking a risk because the limb could break and you could fall to the ground and hurt yourself.


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