English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms – 23 February

By | February 23, 2018

Daily Vocabulary (23 Feb 2018 ) 5 Words
1. REEDY (ADJECTIVE): long and lean
Synonyms: leggy, skinny
Antonyms: chubby, fat
Example Sentence: She is a reedy girl.

2. BLARNEY (NOUN): flattery
Synonyms: cajolery, overpraise
Antonyms: criticize, condemn
Example Sentence: It took all my blarney to keep us out of court.

3. SLACK (ADJECTIVE): loose, baggy
Synonyms: feeble, sluggish
Antonyms: tight, rigid
Example Sentence: Don’t wear your slack pants.

4. RENEGADE (NOUN): rebellious
Synonyms: reactionary, radical
Antonyms: passive, submissive
Example Sentence:The person whom I trusted later turned out to be renegade.

5. SPUTTER (VERB): falter
Synonyms: stammer, stumble
Antonyms: persist, enunciate
Example Sentence: While performing on stage he sputters a lot.


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