Secret of Success in GK Quiz – 25 Feb 2018

By | February 26, 2018

🌍 Which games company invented Pokemon? – Nintendo

🌍 Which star sign is represented by the Archer? – Sagittarius

🌍 Which American President was known as ‘Man of the People’? – Andrew Jackson

🌍 In which Country did the dance the fandango originate? – Spain

🌍 Who was the first President of America? – George Washington

🌍 The deepest point in all of the World’s oceans is named what? – Mariana Trench

🌍 The solid state of water is known as what? – Ice

🌍 The explorer Sir Edmund Hillary was from which Country? – New Zealand

🌍 In which Country did the cloning of Dolly the sheep take place? – Scotland

🌍 Which Country in Europe has the oldest Parliament? – Iceland

🌍 What was the name of the World’s first test-tube baby? – Louise Joy Brown

🌍 What Nationality was Nostradamus? – French

🌍 What was the Roman name for Ireland? – Hibernia

🌍 Which Country was once known as Constanstinople? – Istanbul

🌍 Which Country has the World’s oldest flag? – Denmark.

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