Short Note on Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojna

By | February 5, 2018


➡ What is Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojna
▪️The scheme will be implemented in 5,142 villages across 15 districts. Its objectives are to improve soil quality, develop foodgrain varieties which can sustain climate variations and effect necessary changes in the crop pattern as per the availability of water in a particular region.

Main objectives of scheme
▪️ Promote very idea of sustainable development in agricultural sector.
▪️ Eliminate the problems of ground water salinity problems.
▪️ Improve conditions of the agricultural yields to overcome the climatic changes.
▪️ Promoting the quality of the soil such that quality of food grains produced can be improved.
▪️ Cultivate new variety of grains that will more sustainable and adaptable to climatic changes.
▪️ The scheme will cover small- and medium- scale farmers, who are more vulnerable to the impact of climate change.
▪️ The total cost of project is Rs 4,000 crore, 70% of which will be borne by World Bank while state will contribute 30% over six years
▪️ The entire project will focus on promoting climate resilient method of agriculture and cultivation that will be monitored within various districts and villages in the state.
▪️ It also strives at doubling income of state farmers by next few years till 2022 for farmers belonging to medium and small grades to help overcome loses.
▪️ Under it, state government will also try and take new measures to help change the pattern of cultivation of the crop depending on the availability of the water.
▪️ This will help in making the state drought free.


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